Atzmon and Jewish identity

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Gilad Atzmon did an interview with me on Jewish identity. It’s pretty good, and it’s here. Though I regret my flip comment calling the Catholic church the church of pedophilia, apologies. Here’s a bit from it:

‘I think identity is multi-factorial,’ Weiss replied, ‘I feel American before I feel Jewish. I think that’s the achievement of my life, to have flipped those identities, and Jewish is second. I see Jewish as this great civilization that I am part of. That transcends borders, and it’s not Zionist. Zionism is like Shabbetai Tzvi, It’s a big chapter in a long story. Jews will survive this one too. Jews is: a sense of difference, yes, inevitably of elite identity, that’s part of Jewish history and one I struggle with. Jewish is a Story, a myth…’

Atzmon then didn’t include the stories I mentioned, fair enough, it’s his site, but I mentioned the Binding, the Abraham-Isaac tale that occurs on Mt Moriah in Jerusalem, and of course on Highway 61 in Minnesota, where I spent some little portion of my youth, in St Paul and Duluth. Which is part of the beauty of Jewish identity, that it’s fluid, and includes Dylan’s rendering of the binding as a real referent, and one that Americans can share in…

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