In London, Benny Morris runs the gauntlet

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This is a little like Marty Peretz being assailed at Harvard by people holding placards with his own repugnant words on them, only stronger.  Benny Morris, the Israeli historian who has rationalized ethnic cleansing to create a majority-Jewish state in ’48, being badgered as he walks to a lecture hall at London School of Economics to make an appearance. Schlumpfy historian. Note the intensity of the accusations, racism, justifying apartheid. The mood is shifting across Europe, and it’s coming here. Morris losing prestige, Zionism losing prestige.

A member of the audience reports: “He purports to be a historian yet when asked questions for example — “How can Palestinians be asked to compromise with their own land?”  (when he painted a picture at how wonderful and considerate Israel was for offering them 45% a while back) — his response — ‘I have only scratched the surface in my research; you would need at least 10 historians working together to answer these questions.’  He must have given this reply at least 5 times. He failed to discuss the refugee problem other than to say that it was caused by the Arab-led war.  He also referred to the Jewish refugees (Jews forced to leave and  expelled by Arab countries) which he said people aren’t aware of as they were all absorbed by Israel. . .  Several protesters left during his lecture with stickers taped over their mouths and holding up signs as they left. “

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