State Department kicks can down the road on Israel’s crippling of Munib Masri

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A case we’re following. Matt Lee of the AP again brought up Israel’s shooting of American citizen Munib Masri at the State Department yesterday, and Mark Toner said they’re aware of the case. Yes and the family is begging for American action. Where’s the action Jackson?

QUESTION:  Did you – yesterday, I asked about this American —

MR. TONER:  Yes. 

QUESTION:  — who was shot.  Do you have – have you managed to find anything out about him? 

MR. TONER:  Yeah.  We’re obviously aware of his case.  He doesn’t have – and you’re going to be thrilled at this.   He does not – he’s not signed a Privacy Act waiver, so we’re limited to what we can say.  But the consular personnel in Beirut are providing assistance in his case.  And obviously in any case of an injured U.S. citizen abroad, we’ll work to ensure that the individual in question receives appropriate medical care.

QUESTION:  Can you tell me when he was given the opportunity to sign a Privacy Act waiver? 

MR. TONER:  Normally, in the first meeting, they would offer him the opportunity to sign. 

QUESTION:  Well, normally, but in this case?

 MR. TONER:  I don’t know in this case.  I haven’t talked to the people in Beirut.

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