In the British press, Israeli general warns of unchecked ‘Jewish terror’ in W.B.

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In the Independent. Catrina Stewart reporting. Is this in the New York Times? Why isn’t it on the front page. For as the Independent tells us, these are the people, the settlers, who have pwn’d Barack Obama:

A senior Israeli army commander [Major General Avi Mizrahi] has warned that unchecked “Jewish terror” against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank threatens to plunge the territory into another conflict…

Some fear that the surge in violent attacks against Palestinians could compound rising frustrations with the stalled peace process and trigger more violent riots.

“The army is very afraid that [action by settlers] at a critical moment could set off a Third Intifada,” said Adam Keller, spokesman for Israeli human rights body Gush Shalom, referring to a mass Palestinian uprising.

“The fact that the army is nervous is making the settlers more aggressive,” he said

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