Israel included on Homeland Security terrorism watch list

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Yep, you read the headline right. On May 1oth, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General committed the diplomatic equivalent of a Freudian slip when it included Israel on a list of rogue terror states, YNet reports. Nor was Israel the only ally on the list. Also included? Such sterling friends as Bahrain, Turkey, Morocco, and the Philippines.

But before you get too excited, the Department of Homeland Security has already issued an apology to Israel, brushing off the matter as a silly misunderstanding.

“The addition of Israel to the list… was based on inaccurate information provided to the OIG [Office of the Inspector General] during the course of its audit,” said John Morton, director of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of DHS.

Hm, inaccurate information? Sounds fishy. Maybe whoever was compiling the list simply didn’t realize Israel was an ally. Or maybe he or she just has a deliciously pointed sense of humor.

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  1. radii
    July 8, 2011, 6:03 pm

    israel is an ally?

    attacked USS Liberty, sold US nuclear secrets to USSR through Jonathon Pollard, sold other US military secrets to China, locks us out of their economy but demands access to ours, controls our Congress, gets more money in foreign aid than all other countries combined, does almost nothing we ask or demand but hides behind us when the going gets rough

    with allies like israel, who needs enemies?

  2. Charon
    July 8, 2011, 6:11 pm

    I don’t believe this was an accident. The watch list is isn’t publicly circulated and what YNet doesn’t mention is that this specific inclusion is for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to perform a ’Third-Agency Check’ (checks to see if aliens have ties to terrorism) on any citizen from that country attempting to enter the USA.

    Some Ziocon Israel firster saw it and probably freaked out. The CIA considers Israel to be our worst ally. In 2001 and 2002, Israeli spies posing as ‘art students’ and entering military bases with vans that had traces of explosives were arrested and deported. I don’t think they were up to any good. The infamous ‘dancing Israelis’ arrested ‘documenting the event’ on 9/11 also had a van with traces of explosives, box cutters, and maps of NYC. They were detained for a couple months and then deported. Do you think they were up to any good? The van was registered to “Urban Moving Systems” which was owned by Dominick Suter. After initial questioning, he fled the country and abandoned the business including employees and people’s belongings that were to be moved. Their front door also showed a number of separate LLCs such as additional moving companies and locksmiths.

    Suter’s name, birth date, prior addresses, and social security number were included on a terrorist suspect list as late as July 2002 and possibly still to this day. This list also contained names of serious terrorist suspects associated with Al Qaeda and also 9/11.

    All those other countries have reasons for being on there. Turkey has been implicated with Syrian unrest. Palestinian unity was just announced. Nakba day protests were around the corner. The Knesset had just passed repressive and fascist new laws. Morocco had a recent bombing. Osama, Etc.

    The Netanyahu government itself, especially his own Likud party, are essentially terrorists too depending on who you ask. Likud is just a new name for the Irgun terrorist organization that committed several horrible acts including the King David Hotel bombing. Lehi and Likud were dissolved in to the IDF. Lehi killed a UN envoy sent to assess Palestine after partition was put on hold. They also plotted to kill Winston Churchil. Lehi is honored with a commemorative patch recognizing their ‘services’ to Israel’s creation.

    Two former PMs were leaders of these organizations. Another PM (initially with Likud), Ariel Sharon, is a war criminal who destroyed an entire Palestinian refugee camp among many other monstrous and vile acts.

    Our government is very sensitive about anything involving Israel. Behind the scenes I would imagine that Israel has always been unofficially on this list. Whether it was a joke or an intentional slip, there is no doubt that this is official policy regardless.

    • annie
      July 8, 2011, 11:15 pm

      i had never heard of Dominick Suter before. so i googled him. i wonder where he is now and why he left so fast.


      December 13, 2001


      Ronald George, Beth Rosenberg


      State Granted Access to Moving Company’s Storage Facility

      NEWARK- The State Division of Consumer Affairs (“Consumer Affairs”) is asking all citizens who have goods stored at Urban Moving Systems’ Weehawken warehouse to immediately contact Consumer Affairs, Attorney General John J. Farmer, Jr., and New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Director Mark S. Herr announced today.

      The State on Wednesday obtained a court order giving inspectors from Consumer Affairs access to the facility allowing consumers access to retrieve their goods and belongings. The State, at the same time, filed a lawsuit in Hudson County Superior Court against Urban Moving Systems and its owner Dominick Suter alleging violations of both the State’s Consumer Fraud Act and regulations set forth in the Public Movers and Warehousing Licensing Act.

      According to the complaint, on or about September 14, 2001, Suter departed from the United States and left no one acting as an agent for Urban.

      The complaint also alleges that Suter violated the Mover’s Act by, among other things, failing to provide Consumer Affairs the name of a current contact person or agent, not adequately responding to consumer requests for access to their belongings and not having an agent available for at least 20-30 per week to allow consumers access to their belongings.

      “We became aware of the hardship consumers faced who could not get access to their belongings at Urban’s warehouse,” Attorney General Farmer said. “By obtaining this court order we can now offer consumers access to what is rightfully theirs. Our lawsuit should serve notice that we intend to prosecute those who violate our laws and undermine the public’s trust.”

      “It appears that goods belonging to approximately 100 consumers are stored at the warehouse. Thus far we have only heard from 36 consumers,” Herr said. “We have access to the facility for 30 days so we are urging consumers who have goods stored with Urban to contact us as soon as possible.”

      Consumers can gain access to the facility on an appointment basis and will have to provide proof of ownership to claim their goods, Herr said.

      Consumers should contact Consumer Affairs at 973-504-6442 or 973-504-6228 to gain access to the Urban facility.

      A violation of the Consumer Fraud Act carries a maximum penalty of $7,500 for the first offense and $15,000 for the second and each subsequent offense. A violation of the Licensing Act carries a penalty of $2,500 for the first offense and $5,000 for the second and each subsequent offense.

      Deputy Attorney General Alan R. Niedz of the Division of Law is handling this matter for the State.

    • stevieb
      July 9, 2011, 10:21 am

      Because he had a moving company that closed down after 9/11, I think they wanted to follow up on the moving vans on 9/11 – one that exploded and one that was filled with explosives and parked on a bridge..

  3. Taxi
    July 8, 2011, 9:54 pm

    It was done on purpose. Impossible to make an ‘honest’ mistake like this.

    Desk-bound non-executive bureaucrats are very hard eggheads to buy off, unlike career politicians. And I reckon at least ONE of them desk-bound bureaucrats is informed enough to put America first. That much we can be sure of.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of anti-zionist secret club is already formed amongst them bureaucrats, in silent little governmental corners here and there. These people’s allegiance to the constitution, that golden book of rules and regulations, is their bible: is what drives them – not the white house, not aipac either.

    It sure is a sign of the ‘nervous’ times for israel when its name and address is on our terrorist watch-list: even if it’s just for five rattling minutes!

    LOL I love this story!

    Israel’s house of cards looking cardier and cardier every day!

    • radii
      July 9, 2011, 3:47 am

      it is my understanding from ex military friends and family that there has been a war waging within our intelligence and defense establishment for a long time – as the true loyal Americans do what they can to fight the corrosive influence of israel’s operatives on our policy-making and defense infrastructure … our guys have their own lists of names and documentation of this vast network of spies and israeli operatives … it is the high-level policy-makers that are compromised that keep this material from becoming actionable and resulting in arrests and such … but the day will come

      • Citizen
        July 9, 2011, 5:12 am

        Perhaps it will come the same day some where in the distant future when the US Congress actually does a full customary investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty, or when Americans protesting non-violently Israeli actions are actually protected by the US government? Or the day the chief neocons and Bush Jr Inc are tried for war crimes?

      • stevieb
        July 9, 2011, 10:23 am

        I still think there is more out there on Israel and 9/11 that will eventually come out..

  4. CigarGod
    July 9, 2011, 11:30 am

    It would be interesting to see what qualifies a nation to be on the list..and what mistake in qualification dropped Israel from the list.
    Would the same mistake in qualification drop other nations from the list?

  5. Charon
    July 9, 2011, 6:30 pm

    I highly recommend viewing “War by Deception” which is a film by Ryan Dawson:

    link to

    He explores the Zionist and Neoconservative connection to 9/11. That does not mean “Israel did 9/11” but when you piece everything together it is really disturbing. The film is not conspiracy theory stuff, it has names and faces and facts and I highly recommend it.

    9/11 is not a topic that most people like to talk about. They’d rather accept the official narrative because the alternative is a kooky movement full of space aliens, reptiles, hologram planes, missiles, etc. But that’s all just poisoning the well because when you examine facts there is most certainly something we are not being told. Since we all know the media is a propaganda arm this should not be surprising.

    There were multiple vans involved on 9/11 reported with explosives, box cutters, eye witness testimony from cops who thought they were all connected, and Israelis behind all of them. One was a police radio report of a van with a ‘mural of a plane crashing into NYC’ that was whitewashed in a follow-up as an innocent delivery van. The FOIA got the actual police audio (in the video) and this is not what they claim. They claim the van explodes. Not only that you hear them swearing and beating the perpetrators and calling them “Palestinians” which should give you a clue that it was intentionally planted information and goes along with the guys arrested earlier saying “Palestinians are your problem” and the “celebrating” Palestinian footage shown on the MSM (and retracted later).

    As a Fox News video report of an Israeli spy network around and after 9/11 (posing as art students often near the hijacker ‘cells’) says “How could they not have known?”. The lobby and Israel pressured Fox to take the video down but it is on youtube. A former Mossad agent claims that they withheld intelligence that would’ve prevented the Beirut barracks bombing so that it would make their enemies our enemies. Mossad says he was a low-level agent and wouldn’t have known this but Jimmy Carter had this same conclusion in his book. This, the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty, Irgun. Lehi, etc. As an American I am very, very concerned that some Zionists, even if a rouge faction, were involved in 9/11 to create Islamaphobia.

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