James Murdoch’s explanation of the right of return fell on deaf ears (Rupert’s and TB’s)

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Guardian’s Andy Beckett on whether James Murdoch, 38, can survive phone-hacking scandal (thanks to Bruce Wolman):

His growing confidence could startle. In 2002, [Tony Blair mouthpiece Alastair] Campbell records in his diaries, Rupert Murdoch, James and Lachlan came to dinner at Downing Street. The conversation turned to the Middle East: “[Rupert] Murdoch said he didn’t see what the Palestinians’ problem was and James said it was that they were kicked out of their fucking homes and had nowhere to fucking live. Murdoch . . . finally said to James that he didn’t think he should talk like that in the prime minister’s house . . . TB [Tony Blair]  said afterwards he was quite impressed with the way Murdoch let his sons do so much of the talking.”

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  1. IrishMark
    July 15, 2011, 10:08 am

    Phil, Alastair Campbell was Tony Blair’s spin doctor (the one who crafted the dodgy Iraq dossier).
    I’m happy to see that James Murdoch wasn’t quite a chip of the old block and seems to have a moral compass, something sadly lacking in Blair and Murdoch sr.

    I liked this piece on the Goethe Institute’s all woman jazz band visiting Gaza this week, particularly as it is so glaringly contrary to the propaganda printed about Gaza.

  2. MRW
    July 15, 2011, 11:14 am

    In that same Guardian article, was this:

    Enders says this is an age-old Murdoch impulse: “Any criticism is seen as an attack, not as something evidence-based or something to learn from. It’s all very emotional.”

  3. American
    July 15, 2011, 12:15 pm

    I had read some time ago that Murdoch and one of his sons had split over the Palestine situation..don’t know if it was James or the other one who is totally estranged from the Murdoch enterprises.

  4. Amar
    July 15, 2011, 4:19 pm

    I also had read something similar but wasnt sure which of his sons said it. Found it, from NYSun back in 2007:

    link to nysun.com

  5. DICKERSON3870
    July 15, 2011, 6:00 pm

    RE: “James said it was that they were kicked out of their fucking homes and had nowhere to fucking live.” – Beckett’s Guardian article

    EMILY POST SEZ (POSTHUMOUSLY): Well, I never! Goodness gracious! Heavens to Betsy! Those cantankerous Murdochs and their ever-running potty mouths!

    P.S. Please, I beseech you! Can anyone recommend a good, cheap cosmetic surgeon to tighten up the flabby skin on my face? My image consultant says that the survival of my empire might very well depend upon it.

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