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A big thank you to all of Mondoweiss’s supporters for your recent contributions.

I’m thrilled to announce a small but significant feature. In commenter profiles, you will be able to see how many replies any given post has generated.

USS Liberty attack Robert Werdine lies
number of replies in comment profiles

This is very useful for monitoring your own posts and if you should go back to answer read and answer others’ replies.

It’s also very useful when looking over someone else’s comment feed (if you see something contentious or controversial with lots of replies you can immediate click through to see the answers).

A very good example is my reply to Robert Werdine about the USS Liberty. Robert is being disingenuous and citing doctored transcripts. I don’t know enough about naval history to rebut the newspaper accounts he quotes. Fortunately richb does.

I’d like to be really clear, I’m not a moderator. I’m a supporter, an occasional contributor and we provide technical support. My views do not directly reflect those of Phil Weiss or Adam Horowitz, nor am I their representative.

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