Then after that I dropped the f-bomb on my husband for starting the Iraq war

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Should we have known that Elliott Abrams, former White House adviser, had dear friends who were colonists in the occupied territories? I guess they all do. Here’s a post from his wife, Rachel Abrams, at badrachel blog. I do believe the sister can write. Almost used her last line as the headline:

We spend Shabbat afternoon with beloved friends who live beyond the Green Line in the Judean hills [in the occupied West Bank]. They were in the first group of eighteen settlers to break ground here, to scrabble their desert plot into lovely terraced gardens… Their love for this place is in their bones, and aching.

[The couple returns in a car driven by Elliott Abrams]

we are lost on an unfamiliar road in a part of Jerusalem neither one of us recognizes. Uphill to our left is what looks like a techy office area; downhill to our right is the Zionist Racist Apartheid Wall. As we pass along at warp speed I say out loud to Mr. Leadfoot, the only person within earshot,  “F*** you, Arabs!” Then rant on in my head so as not to further irritate an already irritated driver who hates getting lost and almost never does so: “This partition was their choice. They could have had their state sixty-three years ago, if only they’d accepted the original partition instead of going to war against the Jews. Blah, blah, blah.”…

[Yes like Americans would have accepted a colony under the English flag in the late 1700s in New York and New England and Pennsylvania and Virginia…]

[Sorry: now they are lost in an orthodox neighborhood, and the black hats start screaming at them for driving on Saturday]

SHABBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHABBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHABBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they shriek at us, as if we didnt already know it’s Shabbes, as if we want to be there offending them We speed up and down streets as wide as pencils in our increasingly desperation-filled mini-car; I cower, waiting for the stoning to begin. I hear myself saying “F*** YOU” again

My husband has maneuvered us around a roadblock and back to the present. Escape! Zionism! The Jewish State! Air conditioning!…

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