Yahoo comments on boycott law suggest American backlash against Israel has begun

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For a long time, I’ve wondered if the American people would ever rise up against the pernicious and destructive pro-Israel lobby. Maybe the boycott law is causing that to happen? Check out the comments on the Yahoo News report, for instance:

Arab world goes democratic and Israel goes authoritarian. How ironic.

Perhaps 90% plus of the comments are critical of Israel. A gem:

I used to be an unquestioning supporter of Israel, until I read this.

And another:

US and Europe should make a law that makes it unlawful to send money to all these idiots [in the gov’t of Israel]… Why give money to Bigots.

Check out the outrage as people are waking up to how much Israel has used and abused its power to virtually control U.S. foreign policy in a manner that’s destructive to U.S. interests:

Thank you Israel

Thank you for taking billions of dollars in aid every year from our taxes, so that Jews in Israel can have things like free health care while we in the USA do not.

Thank you for erecting an apartheid wall and imposing Nazi style check points and curfews on Palestinians so that the whole Arab world can hate the United States for our supposed support of you.

Thank you for giving us Neocons in our government that always push relentlessly for policies that benefit Israel at the expense of the USA…

Thank you for giving us ZIONISM. that considers as essentially important only what is best for Israel and Jewish people above all other allegiances.

Thank you for bulldozing Palestinian homes, forcing the residents out at gunpoint, and stealing their land for Israeli settlements, all with the supposed backing of the USA, as that really helps our image in the world.

Thank you for giving us the Neocons that infested the Bush white house and formed the Project For The New American Century, who called for “A CATASTROPHIC AND CATALYZING EVENT LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR” TO HAPPEN ON AMERICAN SOIL so Americans would support middle east war.

But that’s not all.

Not only are Israel’s former supporters waking up, not only are Israel’s critics speaking up louder than ever, not only are American citizens furious at the horrific damage to the United States (including the September 11th attacks and the catastrophic invasion of Iraq) directly and indirectly caused by our blank check military support for Israel… Now Israel has fomented a new round of anti-Semitism! For example:

No wonder people wanted to gas the jews, look at how they behave

Congratulations, Israel. You have made the world less safe for Jews.

Congratulations, American Jewish supporters of Israel’s unending colonization of Palestinian land. You have made America less safe for Jews.

Israel’s defenders have the audacity to claim that criticism of Israel’s violations of human rights and international law is anti-Semitic. In fact, the opposite is true: support of such violations foments anti-Semitism and endangers Jews.

(H/T to Taxi for unearthing this link.)

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