104 young Americans reported to go join Israeli army

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I can’t vouch for the source, but this item is getting a lot of airtime on American nationalists’ sites– 360 Americans immigrate to Israel, and 104 of them want to join the army. The airtime is itself a trend: Americans who are scratching their heads about the dual-loyalty issues involved in support for Israel right or wrong. (What we saw at Congressman Pat Meehan’s site, too….) Update: JTA has the story here. From Big News Network:

“It’s an honor to have you join the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the Israeli nation,” the Brig. Gen. [Eli Shermeister] said. “There are no words to describe my appreciation for you, your courage and the Zionistic values you hold. The State of Israel is coping with security threats every day and defending its security is the main goal of the IDF.”

…All 104 of the IDF’s inductees want to see action. The boys (61 of them) have applied to join Israel’s elite special forces units, while the the girls (43 of them) have asked to serve in either the combat canine unit, as medics, injury NCOs, education NCOs or as shooting instructors.

“My brother enlisted with the same program two years ago and he currently serves in the Givati Brigade. He told me a lot of stories and encouraged me to enlist,” Idan from New Jersey said Tuesday. “My mom lives in New Jersey and my dad lives in Israel so I’ve always had these two worlds and a deep connection to Israel. And now I am here, waiting to started my military service hopefully in the Paratroopers Brigdae.”

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