Another congressman posting from Israel gets flak for representing wrong country

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TC Jewish Folk, a “hip” site for Jewish life in the Twin Cities, is posting diaries from Congressman Erik Paulsen, a Democrat who represents suburban Minneapolis. Note that the website prefaces Paulsen’s blogpost with “He is in Israel this week with AIPAC….” Apparently that’s hip?

In my short few days here I’ve seen so many situations that demonstrate how Israelis are so resilient in so many ways.
I am also better able to understand the deep, rich history here by spending time in the Old City as well as the smaller City of David by walking through a recently discovered tunnel from only about four and a half months ago.

But look, some commenters are going after Paulsen:

1) peter says: August 23, 2011 at 4:52 PM “I’m looking forward to helping ensure the U.S./Israeli relationship remains strong.” Sir, Can you define “relationship”? I know that the US taxpayers cover lots of Israeli military expenses. Let me ask you, what kind of benefit should an average US taxpayer expect in return? Simple question. You should know the answer. Thank you. Peter

2) pj says: August 23, 2011 at 2:16 PM Representative, While you are on your little junket listening to people whine about a lack of beach access, please consider that many Americans can’t afford to go to the beach this year. Real unemployment is close to 20%, we just lost our credit rating, and our children’s future is being sold to fund wars we were ssuckered into on faulty intelligence. How many American old people died during the recent heat wave because they could not afford air conditioning? How many veterans are homeless and unemployed? How many people in Israel are getting American taxpayer money and protection? How many of them have thanked us, the American People, for the money you and your fellow politicians get them from taxpayers? If you represent Israel, why don’t you stay there forever, and calculate that in American time or Israeli time? You’ll not be missed.

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