Another Congressman uses attacks to say US must block Palestinian statehood

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Robert Dold is a Republican congressman in suburban Chicago, in Senator Mark Kirk’s former seat. Here’s a report on his statement on the Eilat killings. There seems to be one sentence about the two-state solution. But not a word about Palestinian freedom or occupation. And what is he saying we need to be vigilant about– a two-state solution imposed by the UN? What is clear is that he’s focused on Israeli control and not thinking about Palestinian self-determination as a significant concern. Dold:

Congressman Robert Dold issued a statement saying the attacks “lay bare the tragic reality that our ally Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors who continue to target Israel’s innocent men, women, and children for murder.”(

 Rep. Dold recently completed his first trip to Israel as seated Congressman for the 10th congressional district in Chicago’s northern suburbs. The trip was sponsored by the JUF [Jewish Federation] of Metropolitan Chicago….

Regarding Hamas, Rep. Dold told the JUF News, “Hamas is a terrorist organization; we must assure that the Obama administration vetoes any United Nations vote on Palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood. We know we have a problem with the U.N., which has been on a steady course to delegitimize the state of Israel for a long time.  We have to continue to be vigilant…There is not going to be a two state solution without Israel at the table.  It is not going to be imposed by the UN or anyone else.”

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