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Writes a friend: I just had my sehri, and I’m ready to puke. At Huffpo, Elizabeth Kennedy has a piece on the Syrian uprising.

Until the uprising began, Assad had cultivated an image as a modern leader in a region dominated by aging dictators. He was seen around Damascus with his glamorous wife, Asma, who grew up in London and was the subject of a glowing profile in Vogue just before the protests erupted. The couple’s three small children added to their luster as youthful and energetic.

HUH? Who? What? Where? Modern leader among aging dictators? Who is this lady speaking to? She can’t be serious, she can’t possibly think that Arabs were happy about Assad, that he was some sort of beacon of light in a sea of darkness. Maybe for the West he was. Maybe for Vogue. Certainly, not for Syrians, not for Arabs. In fact, not even for non-Arab Muslims, as his father’s nasty legacy was remembered with curses and a reminder that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Which Assad is proving to be true.

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