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September 30 2011

109 Israeli settlers attack Israeli activists & journalists; 19 injured, 3 hospitalized
Adam Horowitz, Annie

118 Why isn’t Kusra killing on the front page of our newspapers?

55 The Department of Corrections: Ben-Hur, the LA Times & a place called Palestine

105 Vice PM Moshe Ya’alon: Regime change in Ramallah will ultimately be necessary for peace talks to progress

27 PA says Tony Blair has lost all credibility (though he’s better than Dennis Ross)

70 ‘Are there any Palestinians unaffected by the occupation?’ I ask him

18 Photos of the crowd at the opening of MECA’s ‘A Child’s view from Gaza’ Exhibit

September 29 2011

125 ‘Time’ features generational divide over Israel– when will 92d St Y stage this family affair?

26 In Gaza, fishermen are under constant attack for trying to make a living

62 Imagine if this article was about whites and blacks in the US

21 Pro-Israel whitewash of 10-year-old’s killing unravels in court (and online)

64 Sullivan on Obama’s ‘capitulation’ at the UN

9 Human rights orgs to UN: Sends a clear message that human rights are universal – move the Goldstone Report forward

7 It’s okay to say apartheid…but only about Bahrain

2 Haymarket books to celebrate 10th anniversary

16 Could censorship of children’s art prove a turning point?

7 Why do they call them Stalinists?: Yisrael Beiteinu and the Soviet experience

4 The world includes Palestine – wouldn’t it be great if kids could read about it?
Desiree Fairooz

26 Israel to the international community: ‘This is not a pipe’

217 Mourning the Jewish New Year
Marc H. Ellis

September 28 2011

15 Perfect match: Bob Bernstein uses settler sources for racist anti-Arab ‘WaPo’ Op-Ed

19 And now a message from our first Jewish president . . .

34 ADL gloats over the cancellation of Gaza children’s art exhibit

11 Visit to the Office of Congressional Ethics about AIPAC junkets to Israel
Medea Benjamin

11 Background on Israel as a ‘Jewish state’ and the ongoing discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel

7 An Open letter to President Obama from Israel
Tal Grünberg

14 Money for nothing and occupation for free: The 1994 Paris protocols on economic relations between Israel and the PLO

9 Stripping geography from the conflict

2 Kahane lives? Proposed legislation reflects rightward shift in Israel on minority rights

12 Something to contemplate as you sit in rush hour traffic waiting to get on to the Queensboro bridge

6 Israeli Consul General wants to rescue US town from ‘foreign’ influence

12 It’s not propaganda if the lenses are blue and tinged with green

16 Reasons for hope

September 27 2011

208 Let’s negotiate over how we divide the pizza while I eat the pizza

123 Knesset to vote on full Israeli annexation of the West Bank

32 Ron Paul for Palestinian statehood: ‘I believe in self-determination of peoples’

54 ‘Young, Jewish and Proud’ issues challenge to the Jewish community

9 ‘The Good Wife’ takes on Israel/Palestine, Islamophobia and the Israel lobby

18 Israel approves new settlement homes, U.S. says that’s OK keep talking…
Seham and Kate

14 PA astroturf effort to build campus momentum for statehood falls flat

50 The view from the West Bank: Statehood bid? What statehood bid?

15 Although attention is focused on New York, the real struggle for Palestinian rights is playing out on the ground

7 Sidelined: U.S. fails for the second time in Quartet discussions on ‘Jewish state’

59 Will a US veto at the UN invite another 9/11 (followed by an attack on Iran)?

September 26 2011

108 White House sells Quartet statement on negotiations as ‘a major accomplishment in Israel’s favor’

36 Palestinian negotiator Hanan Ashrawi pressed on next steps for Palestinian statehood
Sam Husseni

244 Turkish government releases identities of IDF soldiers who attacked the Mavi Marmara

47 The UN application for the State of Palestine and the future of the PLO

16 ‘NYT’ Public Editor lets Bronner off the hook

16 Blair uses envoy post to support billionaire life-style, TV doc claims

182 Obama’s impossible dilemma–and ours

1 Jen Chapin Trio concert in Oakland will benefit Jenin Freedom Theatre

September 25 2011

113 Border anxiety in the West Bank

16 Two strikes for Ethan Bronner; does he get a third?

24 “Anti-Price Tag Patrol” criticized by Israeli right; settlers demand stronger IDF response

11 Nearly 1 in 4 young children in the U.S. living below the poverty line, but aid to Israel is untouchable

September 24 2011

199 Abbas at the United Nations a game changer? Maybe.

49 Buttu, Erakat, Dajani, Rabbani and Abunimah respond to UN speeches

37 Harvard students: ‘The decision to criminalize the Irvine 11 for their courageous action is an attack on all people who seek peace and justice in Israel/Palestine.’

86 Obama approves secret sale of ‘bunker buster’ bombs to Israel

September 23 2011

97 Outside the UN
Andrew Courtney

49 A roundup of opinions from a busy week at the UN

93 Breaking: ‘Irvine 11′ found guilty on two charges for protesting Michael Oren

57 Abbas brings Tahrir to New York, and some of our media seem to be on board

194 Mondoweiss liveblogs the UN General Assembly speeches

4 Internationalize this conflict — Rabbani

21 Obama tells 900 rabbis that resolving I/P ‘crisis’ is key to peace in Middle East

7 The Palestinian Authority’s top gun in D.C.: Benjamin Netanyahu

53 Palestinian statehood and the struggle for self determination and national rights

14 So much for secular Jewish identity

14 Is Barack Obama the most pro-Israel president in history?

94 Clemons: Imagine Cuba trumping the Soviet Union in the 60s, that’s what Netanyahu did to Obama
Phil Weiss and Annie

9 The neocons’ post-9/11 Jewish journey (and mine)

7 But why did you fail, Areikat challenges Obama

92 Mr. President, we don’t want a shortcut, we want our freedom
Abir Kopty

September 22 2011

141 Ismail Khalidi: A tragic lecture, justifiying a vicious occupation, with no awareness that we killed the two-state solution

72 Obama speech was shattering to liberal Zionists

36 Well ain’t that America: Obama ignores Palestine in UN speech on freedom, and the world watches the US execute an innocent man

16 Bill Keller still doesn’t know now what we all knew then…

5 Settler violence and ‘the threat of Jewish terrorism’

59 Gideon Levy (unintentionally) lays bare the contradictions of liberal Zionism

8 Neoconservative wax museum set to open in D.C. next month

September 21 2011

68 Perry embraces violent Jewish extremists, Politico’s Ben Smith calls him ‘moderate’

45 Palestinians have a better chance of getting a state on Craigslist than from Barack Obama

84 Ashrawi and Tibi say Obama made it sound like Palestinians are occupying Israel

10 Conservative rabbis overwhelmingly disapprove of settlers and many say they’re ‘sometimes ashamed’ of Israel

1 American-Israeli votes might have put Turner over top–and Israeli settler helped craft Turner speech

166 Obama consulted no Palestinians for his rendition of history

24 Israel’s remaining friends rally around flag outside of UN

196 Deal in works to save Obama casting a veto, and continue ‘peace process’ –Guardian

11 US is all alone on ‘Israel Island’ –Munayyer in Chicago Trib

44 New Dem panic: If Obama’s such a great friend, why didn’t he go to Israel?

11 Chomsky says Perry is ‘often in outer space’

September 20 2011

36 Karon: Why Abbas is doing US and Israel a favor by going to Security Council

66 Barney Frank says he’s going to hit campuses to counter the ‘left’ on Israel

8 Tom in Chicago… and Abe in Peoria

7 ‘How much of Susan Rice’s job is about Israel?’

32 Chris Matthews’s thought bubble: we cut the deal to create Israel and we can’t go back on it

15 Bronner speech at Duke reveals deep bias and yet another ethical lapse

33 Perry says Obama’s Israel policy is one of ‘appeasement’
Paul Mutter, Phil Weiss

48 Time for the race speech? Does he have it in him?

105 Israeli Settlers: ‘Arabs’ attacked us first . . . with harsh language

10 Khalidi is sought out by MSM to explain failure of peace process & role of Arab public opinion

112 In NYT, Fish tips hat to critics of Israel lobby whose influence has America in ‘for a very bad time’

5 State-funded rabbi: Arabs are ‘evil camel riders’ and should be cleared out of Israel

22 President Obama, let Palestinians write their own destiny
Shari Motro

39 Palestinians take center stage at last– and Gurvitz calls for one state (and Jews’ ‘abandoning paradigms’)

6 Monolith is showing cracks

47 Is Tom Friedman Walter Cronkite, or just a guy who found an elephant in a pink bikini?

5 Flashmob strikes Bed Bath & Beyond for selling ‘Soda Stream,’ product of West Bank settlement

9 Obama will be humiliated in eyes of world leaders when he mouths falsehoods at UN

9 Panicked ‘Post,’ guardian of Palestinian freedom, warns Abbas he’s hurting Palestinians

3 Kushner on Cain and Kabul

34 Rick Perry to appear at Likud rodeo in New York

3 West Bank braces for settlers’ defiant marches

12 An American observes as Israelis suppress a peaceful demo in occupied West Bank (‘the panic you feel is unbelievable’)
Billi Jo Larmore

13 Tea Party congressman’s one-state solution

September 19 2011

15 Raising money, British Israel lobby brags about sending BBC anchor to Israel and pressing BBC editors to report ‘favourable line’
Phil Weiss and Annie

27 Israel lobby R Us

10 But Americans favor Palestinian statehood bid, 45-36%

39 Schumer, Gillibrand, Lieberman and Scott Brown push Obama to confront Erdogan tomorrow

11 Khalidi gets two mainstream platforms (and 2 arguments)

15 ‘Arab states attacked Israel in 1967′ –Dershowitz in WSJ

132 Abunimah: Palestinian focus should be on attaining rights, not statehood

36 Why I’m in favor of going to the UN: A response to Joseph Massad

153 ‘I prefer to live with Jews’: A liberal Zionist argument for the two-state solution

0 Fearing a nonviolent intifada, ‘Tablet’ erases the first one

12 Who would be considered a citizen in a new state of Palestine?
Joe Catron

6 Brand Israel hits the skies: El Al signs up for North America hasbara program

16 ‘New York’ magazine calls Obama ‘first Jewish president’ in effort to salvage his rep with ‘A-list tribesman’

6 The Time is Right for Strengthening Our Movement: Students for Justice in Palestine’s first national conference
Tanya Keilani

September 18 2011

47 Vetoing Palestinian bid will damage US relationship w/ Muslim world for years to come –former ambassador

4 Sweeping Iraq under the 9/11/11 rug

23 September uprising? Hopes, prospects and obstacles for Palestinian popular struggle

18 Chris Matthews has no excuse now (even Star-Ledger cites 2012 role of ‘Jewish votes and money’)

3 ‘Tennis in Nablus’ – well worth the trip to Hudson

177 Arab Sources: Hamas on UN bid

44 It’s open season! Tom Friedman says Obama is ‘hostage’ to ‘powerful pro-Israel lobby’

28 Netanyahu planning end-zone dance in Brooklyn’s new Republican district

16 Isn’t this torture? ‘Haaretz’ says Israel mulls using ‘force’ against detained Palestinian protesters

1 Raji Sourani to teach session at Columbia Law School

11 (Finally) a mainstream radio host describes Gaza as a jail and mocks angry readers’ letters

9 A look at the ‘guardians of Israel’

3 Even CSIS is calling for ‘rethinking’ military aid to Israel

9 At last, an open divide is breaking out inside U.S. Jewish community over Israel’s Jim Crow regime

10 Settlers threaten to march into PA territory and say they won’t hesitate to use live ammunition

September 17 2011

30 Arab Fall: Obama administration applauds Libyan seat at UN while it blocks Palestinian bid

38 What this moment means

14 ‘The Times’ lies about Charles Percy’s record

31 ‘Washington Post’ column refers to ‘powerful Israel lobby’ as factor in 2012 campaign

19 Glenn Beck, the American Right and the myth of ‘the International Jew’
Paul Mutter

7 Ismail Khalidi seeks to rewrite the American understanding of Palestinian identity
Lisa Mullenneaux

14 Siegman says US has blessed Israeli ‘crimes’ going back to ’48 landgrab

7 Congress sees Middle East through AIPAC-colored glasses
Medea Benjamin and Allison McCracken

102 The privileged divide– non-Jews want to talk the issue, Jews don’t

September 16 2011

85 Congress threatens to cut aid to PA over statehood bid, but Israel urges them to reconsider

6 Today in Bil’in

38 Perry misrepresented historian who wrote that Israel and Texas share ‘chauvinism’ and ‘belligerence’

5 Fewer than half of Afghanistan veterans say US is likely to succeed there

32 Raising money, AIPAC describes statehood initiative as threat to Israel’s ‘existence’ and therefore ‘an attack on America’s security’

37 Israeli officials say they are just trying to help Palestinians, and Americans, climb down out of the tree

21 Being Jewish in the City of Brotherly Love
Susan Landau

3 We fired teargas indiscriminately in Nabi Saleh to quash their right to demonstrate– Israeli whistleblower to ‘Independent’

96 Two Israelis try to help Brooklyn’s Jews cross the Red Sea

119 Arab Sources: Bishara on Palestine’s UN bid

18 (Prediction) Perry’s bodacious gauntlet to Obama on Israel means ’60 Minutes’ will finally put Walt & Mearsheimer in American living rooms

14 America’s loose nukes: who’s reckless now?

89 On the 29th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre

5 ‘Forward’ reports on Jewish wealth as factor in California cong’l race

September 15 2011

36 Top media ethics expert: Times’ Ethan Bronner is in ‘very dicey ethical territory’

79 Rabbi Ellen Lippmann changes her mind on the boycott

104 Campaign to end military aid to Israel enters NY, underground

3 Welcome to ‘Apartheid Street’

6 Art museum’s censorship destroys its integrity
Dr. Michael Siegel

140 The declaration of ‘The Jewish Authority in Eretz Yisrael’

22 Palmer report’s absurd contention that Israel is not punishing Gaza’s civilian population renders it useless

16 You’ve got to be carefully taught

7 Israeli campaign in West Bank targets… cisterns

14 Turner victory in overwhelmingly Dem district suggests that Obama could be primaried from the right

30 Israel evacuates Jordanian embassy ahead of massive protest

2 In a refugee camp, the girls work on a mural about freedom
Lynn Gottlieb

5 In story on cancellation of Caterpillar prize ceremony, ‘Washington Post’ never mentions Israel

81 Palestinians to submit bid for full UN membership on Sept. 23.

8 ‘NY Times’ readership miles ahead of the newspaper of record

8 Reverse aliyah: ’92d St Y’ works with Israeli consulate to provide program to Israeli parents

September 14 2011

85 Michael Lerner says We need a Jewish state b/c Jews continue to face vulnerability, hatred

11 Israeli Foreign Ministry urges American rabbis to tell their high-holiday congregations to support AIPAC

14 Israeli PR firm scrubs Bronner from website as investigative report appears

166 Why Israelis are feeling isolated

10 Blumenthal: NYT’s Bronner is stabled at speakers bureau headed by settler dedicated ‘first and foremost’ to ‘Zionist mission’

43 US ambassador to Israel says ‘test of every US policy in Middle East’ is– does it secure Israel?

23 Saudis to US: You’re sleeping on the couch tonight

7 Pro-Israel lobbyists work to save Palestinian Authority funding (and why should this be a surprise?)

9 Rep. Rothman vows Congress will wreak ‘devastating impact’ on Palestinian economy if P.A. doesn’t drop statehood bid

127 On saying that Israel has a right to exist
Brian Klug

20 And to think what they said about Walt & Mearsheimer . . .

9 For Egyptians, price of peace treaty was maintaining a dictatorship

9 House reps reach across the aisle at last . . . to smack Ramallah and Geneva upside the head

39 Yiddish poetry for Palestine

1 ‘Tennis in Nablus,’ Khalidi play about 1939 Palestine, is staged in Hudson

8 Abuse victims bring case against Catholic church to Int’l Criminal Court

7 America’s collective denial of 9/11’s meaning

41 American Jews who fear a Palestinian majority in I/P are ‘paranoid, hysteric, macho, contemptible’ –Judt

September 13 2011

49 How to run for Congress in the United States

17 Alice Walker: Museum’s decision to censor Gaza children will backfire (like banning Marian Anderson)

7 Meritocratic spring: ‘New Yorker’ runs Hisham Matar piece mentioning ‘Palestine’

15 Presbyterian Church committee recommends church divest from Caterpillar, HP and Motorola over Israeli human rights abuses

209 Ron Paul says our unfairness to Palestinians led to 9/11 attacks

72 ‘Forward’s ad director says he’s chosen not to visit Israel because it’s gone ‘so far afield’

15 IADL calls on U.N. to override and ‘ignore’ illegal veto of Palestinian right to self-determination

41 Richard Cohen instructs Obama: there must be no ‘daylight’ between you and Netanyahu

130 ‘Arab Sources’ on Mondoweiss

53 Shame on Israel: Jews who kill

6 Today’s Israeli spin against Palestinian statehood: Cairo attack a sign of violence to come following UN vote

10 ‘Fundamentalist-dominated state bent on expansion and war’ –Sullivan

5 B’Tselem: Israel doesn’t recognize Palestinian right to protest

25 Would Amos Oz express such contempt for American Jews today?

45 How Saloma left the Amish

11 Palestinian civil society welcomes the liquidation of Agrexco
Palestinian BDS National Committee

September 12 2011

19 Settlers destroy Beit Ommar farmer’s crops
Palestinian Solidarity Project

8 Israel ‘declares war’ on Bedouin, announces plan to relocate 30,000 people from their homes

12 The legal flaws of the Palmer Commission flotilla report
Richard Falk and Phyllis Bennis

38 Jordan and Saudi Arabia sound warnings on blocking Palestinian statehood

22 On September 11, we remember the… 1 percent

19 Old neocons never die, they just keep testifying to Congress

10 Brooklyn cong’l slugfest is no-holds-barred (except for one issue of course)

63 ‘September: The Threat of an Opportunity’ – Israeli settlers plan to confront Palestinian demonstrators

1 Who will fill Robert Mackey’s shoes?

96 See the children’s drawings that terrified the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay

13 Similar to Goldstone smears, pressure on Gaza art exhibit is attempt to prevent the truth of Cast Lead from getting out

104 ‘NYT’ calls Dogan a Turk– yes, and how many other American deaths go unaudited?

September 11 2011

12 George W. Bush in the remainder bin of history

99 US ambassador to Israel calls for ‘stronger commitment to Zionist education’ in US to overcome young Jews’ disaffection

19 Sullivan takes spears for Mearsheimer

106 Krugman seems to want to talk about pundit-class responsibility for Iraq disaster

12 On September 11, 2011

35 Guess it wasn’t Saddam after all: Israeli media now trying to pin 9/11 on Hezbollah and Iran

20 Question from an Israeli teacher on the 1st anniversary of 9/11: ‘So looking back, how did we benefit from September 11th?’

69 We’ve learned nothing since 9/11

29 Summer lesson

September 10 2011

222 ‘DailyKos’ bans Simone Daud, who sought to inject Palestinian view into US political discourse

15 Why it is important for Jews to discuss the cultural boycott of Israel

33 Bernard-Henri Levy, philosopher for hire

41 Tom Friedman suggests Arabs are 60 years behind the rest of us, or maybe 100

111 Tens of thousands of Egyptians protest Israeli embassy; destroy flag and protective barrier

16 Boycott showdown at Sacramento Co-op draws bigtime lobbyists

1 In occupied Nablus, people live inside a 6-kilometer radius and dream of a normal life
Lynn Gottlieb

4 Settlers announce plan to shoot Palestinian protesters (and they demand legal protection for it)

19 British colonial strategy and the 9/11 blowback
Nu'man Abd al-Wahid

9 Off the rails: Israel wants to aid Kurdish terrorist group so as to hurt Turks

September 9 2011

149 Bulletin: Children’s pictures from Gaza are banned in Bay Area

38 DNC agenda: 1, jobs, 2, healthcare, 3, ‘Jewish messaging’

9 Israel monitored ‘travel schedules’ of US politicians

39 Jewish National Fund uses 9/11 to say Israel and US are joined at the hip

1 National museum cancels Caterpillar honor following pressure from the Corrie family

30 Report: Minnesota Jewish group helped Israeli government monitor ‘bad Muslim,’ Rep. Ellison

6 Congressional members take a junket to Israel – Who wins and who loses?
Rev. Carolyn L. Boyd

29 ‘Liberal Orientalism’ is also misleading

18 ‘Today is the official launch of our campaign: Palestine State 194′

116 9/11 saved my life

7 We need to find Americans an alternative to West-Bank-based Sodastream

16 Hate Muslims and multiculturalism? Welcome to the Zionist party

9 In ’96, Clinton blasted ‘scandalous’ interference here by ‘agents’ of foreign political party

September 8 2011

90 US demands Palestinians drop statehood bid as Israel does a mad dash to build support at the UN

66 ‘J St’ comes out against Palestinian statehood initiative
Paul Mutter, Phil Weiss

28 ‘Huffpo’ warning: US support for Israel may be a mile wide but an inch thick

8 Arrests of 100+ ‘Hamas agents’ in West Bank seem to be Israel’s latest effort to thwart Palestinian reconciliation

38 ‘Haaretz’ columnist says Netanyahu/September will bring ‘death’ of dream of Jewish state

4 Journalist blows the lid off police spying on NYC Muslims in schools, mosques and NGOs

115 Liberating the Palestinian voice

3 Brooklyn Republican’s supporters — including Daily News — want to send Obama an Israel message

2 New details emerge as Arrigoni murder case goes to trial
Michele Giorgio

62 Karon: No amount of US support can prevent Israel’s growing international isolation

3 It’s a rogue state, but it’s our rogue state

5 ‘USS Liberty’ memorial to be held today at attack site in Mediterranean

0 Did Israeli soldiers cooperate in settler ‘price tag’ attack on army base?

9 ‘Nation’ features brave new coalition of young and old non-Zionist Jews (taking on ‘racist breeding project’)

1 New book explores Israel’s military legal system

September 7 2011

300 ‘Hands at your side like a soldier,’ first-graders belt out ‘Hatikvah’ –at NY school with public funding

32 Just who is General ‘All-out total war’ Eisenberg speaking for?

6 Palestinian and Israeli leftwing groups sign on to J14 protest, opposing occupation

159 Gabe Schivone and the new hyphenated-Jewish identity
Sydney Levy

50 Arraf and Finkelstein rip ‘farce’ UN flotilla report on ‘Democracy Now’

13 A Palestinian state would… heighten risk of nuclear war! (Haaretz column)

16 Biting the hand that feeds them – West Bank settlers charged with ‘price tagging’ IDF base

September 6 2011

189 Erdogan to speak at Tahrir on Sept 12 and try and visit Gaza after, says Turkish news site

46 Warped politics: Robert Gates says Israel is ‘ungrateful,’ but Obama will still veto Palestine UN bid

27 Ari Fleischer says Obama is avoiding Muslims out of ‘sensitivity to Jewish vote’

76 NYT’s Keller implies Iraq War aimed to save Israel from a ‘holocaust’

2 Settlers deface and torch Nablus mosque in ‘price tag’ attack

42 Shamai Leibowitz, a moral giant

12 Obama’s Gaza test

13 Giving new meaning to the expression, Bombing on Broadway

68 Meet Captain Israel, anti-BDS superhero

6 The ‘central issue’ of American policy that Shamai Leibowitz thought we had a right to know

151 Robert Gates: ‘Israel is an ungrateful ally’

34 Shamai Leibowitz leaked FBI’s wiretaps of Israeli embassy in effort to stop Iran strike — Silverstein/NYT

30 USA, 1950? South Africa, 1980? No, Israel, 2011 – Racial segregation in Israeli schools

September 5 2011

118 Israelis uproot trees in occupied Walaja to make room for more Jewish settlers

23 Zygmunt Bauman: Palestinian persecution echoes the Shoah, which began with discrimination, ghettoes and pogroms
Paul Mutter, with Eva Smagacz

126 Alert: French JDL is recruiting ‘militants’ to travel to West Bank in 2 weeks

5 Wikileaks: U.S., Saudis reached 2010 compromise over Israeli-made Cadillac parts

16 Many Americans are not aware of the depth of Obama’s desire for a second term

50 Will Libya victory feed western hubris?

51 Avnery says UN vote could bring violence/crackdown to West Bank

121 9/11 commission prevaricated about prime grievance behind the attack, Palestine

11 Stuart Levey and the ‘war on terror’

22 Cohen: US policy toward Israel is a ‘domestic policy’ and it’s undermining our ‘strategic interest’

6 Funding settlements, funding Islamophobia — all in a day’s work

14 Mea culpa, Irene

September 4 2011

84 Bank, king and God (not necessarily in that order)

54 First lady of Palestinian rap features Dead Prez’s official video for ‘The Kufiyyeh is Arabic’

28 ‘Commentary’ blames Turkey for starting the insurgency in Iraq

229 Emily Henochowicz posts sardonic ‘love poem’ to a country that ‘stole’ her eye and is gripped by fear

39 ‘The Debt’ tries to redeem a lost, lying Israel

1 We may have lost the Almontaser battle, but we built a respectful coalition across ethnic/religious lines to counter racism

7 Isolation may force Israel to depend on anti-Semites

13 Hirsh Goodman hints that he will leave Israel if Netanyahu succeeds

September 3 2011

30 IDF policy director on West Bank demos: ‘we don’t do Gandhi very well’

9 Wikileaks drip drip drip

79 Turkey talking tough to Tel Aviv

3 Settlement construction up 660% in the first half of 2011

15 The end of civilization: no ‘dignity’ in remaining silent at BBC Proms

September 2 2011

356 Taking himself to woodshed, Derfner says his ‘awful truth’ column isn’t what he believes and stood in opposition to ‘my allegiance to Israel’

14 The Israeli political machine

169 Turkey expels Israeli ambassador, cuts military ties and promises further legal action following UN flotilla report

160 Protesters interrupted Passacaglia w/ Beethoven (more on Israel Philharmonic protest in London)

9 The occupation is bent on destroying the Jenin Freedom Theatre under the guise of investigating Mer-Khamis’s murder
Felice Gelman, Phil Weiss

3 A Democratic candidate for Congress reviles an Obama policy as ‘outrageous’ (which policy, and why?)

8 Further evidence of the craziness of the claim that Obama hates Israel

16 The people demand the return of the old regime

9 Tel Aviv coffee shop chain instructs employees to speak Hebrew only (when they’re not speaking English)

18 Protest disrupts London performance of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

September 1 2011

133 UN report on flotilla raid: Israel shot em the wrong way but everything else it did was fine

56 The Palmer/Uribe Report: Another attempt by Israel to whitewash murder
The Free Gaza Movement

41 J14 and the Calamity of Hope: a response to critics

4 Normalcy, hope and the Israeli tent protesters

27 Happy Dershday

7 WTF– ‘Tea Party’-held district in FL is forking over $87 million for weapons to Israel

5 As the Holy Land Five return to court, US policy goes on trial
Joe Catron

36 Attack dogs of the West Bank

9 Despite boycott law, Israeli BDS activists forge ahead: an interview with Kobi Snitz

14 Scenes from an occupation: Wikileaks cable details 2006 massacre of Iraqi family (incl 5 month old baby) by US troops

16 ‘NYT’ reviews new Mossad thriller without any suggestion of the political context for such work

3 We’re hiring a part-time Editorial Assistant

32 Ynet asks ‘is BDS working?’

9 ‘NYT’ runs piece on southern whites’ collective responsibility for Jim Crow….

25 8th-inning thought experiments