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Campaign to end military aid to Israel enters NY, underground


Report on the “Be on Our Side” campaign on the local New York CBS news.

The Jerusalem Post is covering the 25 ads in the New York subway system from the “Be On Our Side” campaign, against military funding to Israel. Reporter Jordana Horn:

The 25 posters in 18 Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Bronx subway stations are part of a mass transit advertising campaign by Be On Our Side to remedy what the advertisements call “the flawed and skewed representation in mainstream media” of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

This is the seventh city in which these ads have been displayed. The posters have been approved by the city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, and will be displayed for one month.

“Be on our side. We are on the side of peace and justice. End US military aid to Israel,” the advertisements state…

And like clockwork right-wing Israel supporters have gone apoplectic over the ads. Dov Hikund is featured in the news bit above. Here’s what Pamela Geller has to say:

Atlas readers are well aware of the antisemitic ad campaign bouncing from city to city. We successfully fought back against racism and judeophobia in Seattle. But the anti-Israel ads have run in San Francisco and DC, while our pro-Israel ads have been rejected.

The Jew-hating ads are scheduled to run later on this month on at least 1,000 subway cars (minimum buy $20,000 – $36,000); who is funding the racist haters? . . .

I have submitted our pro-Israel ad. I am waiting for ad approval as we speak. Please contribute to Atlas to fund these ads. . . If they refuse my ad, we will sue. Immediately.

And here’s the ad Geller wants to get placed:


It’s no surprise Caroline Glick is behind her 100%.

The Gothamist has now picked up the story:

Hikind, who you’ll recall was equally outraged when the MTA permitted anti-Islam ads hates pedestrian islands,tells CBS 2, “This is a one-sided mean-spirited attempt to undermine the security and well being of the people of Israel. They say this is for peace. This is not for peace. This is for war.” In case you’re unclear on how exactly cutting military spending is mean and pro-war, CBS 2 turned to commuters for insightful analysis. ”It says be on our side, so it’s like who’s side are we on?” wonders New Yorker Kayla Sanders.

The campaign, which has already run in six major U.S. cities, features ads in 18 subway stations through October 3rd. A mean-spirited spokesperson for one of the groups sponsoring the campaign dangerously explains, “Instead of funding Israel’s unlawful occupation, I would like to see the thirty billion dollars that our government has committed to the State of Israel over the next ten years be redirected to Americans right here at home to help with job creation, increased funding for education, affordable housing investment, environmental conservation, and upgrading our national transportation infrastructure.”

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