George W. Bush in the remainder bin of history

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Earlier today I quietly imploded when I read that George W. Bush, our former man-child president, “drew a brief cheer from the crowd” before reading a letter from Abraham Lincoln to a Civil War mother at today’s Ground Zero ceremony.  George W. Bush! The man who froze over a copy of My Pet Goat when he learned that a commercial jetliner had struck the World Trade Center, whose response was to go cowboy, invading two countries not one while failing to capture Osama Bin Laden in either (for obvious reasons), who brought us Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, water-boarding, Abu Ghraib, AND a recession. This man belongs in a prison cell for war crimes, not on the receiving end of applause.

And yet, as I struggle to assimilate all of this, resist the urge to call it quits on this crazy country once and for all, I take some tiny shard of consolation — or pleasure, really — in a recent sight I was lucky enough to see at a Borders Bookstore bankruptcy sale near Cleveland, Ohio. There, on several prominent rungs of bookshelf, not far from the signs advertising $75 for a Borders light fixture (since everything must go!), I saw a large cache of unsold Bush biographies.Bush remaindered e1315792351636  Yes, I know, the book sold brilliantly when it came out last year, it was reassuring to know that at least in this one small eastern corner of the heartland, Bush and his presidential legacy were right where they belonged: unclaimed, rejected, floating in the remainder bin of a bankrupt cultural bazaar.

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  1. pineywoodslim
    September 11, 2011, 11:19 pm

    Bush is not in the remainder bin of history. His legacy is in the White House tonight.

    Substitute Obama for Bush in the first paragraph and with a few exceptions it fits just as well.

  2. radii
    September 11, 2011, 11:38 pm

    sort of like the lives of those he and his neocon cabal ordered murdered:

    link to

    chart of ‘war-on-terror’ casualties

  3. POA
    September 11, 2011, 11:40 pm

    “There, on several prominent rungs of bookshelf, not far from the signs advertising $75 for a Borders light fixture (since everything must go!), I saw a large cache of unsold Bush biographies”

    Well, heck, hang in there until the price goes low enough, and you might be able to save some money on a year’s worth of toilet paper!

  4. RoHa
    September 12, 2011, 12:13 am

    “The man who froze over a copy of My Pet Goat ”

    Could he really read that, or was somebody prompting him?

  5. Avi
    September 12, 2011, 1:04 am


    “I like to tell people when the final history is written on Iraq, it will look like just a comma because there is […]”

    So killing an untold number of human beings is merely a comma?

    Meanwhile, I woke up to read a headline on Google that stated: “The world mourns 9/11”.

    The 9/11 industry is starting to put the Holocaust industry to shame. It’s the sense of exceptionalism that is so nauseating.

    Bush on America’s response to 9/11:

    “Now watch this drive”.

    • POA
      September 12, 2011, 10:04 am

      Anyone think it is a coincidence that the cable National Geographic channel was airing a show on Saddam’s “reign of terror” yesterday????

      There may be a “9/11 industry”, but the “flavor” I tasted yesterday was a major media push to butress the “official story”. I got the distinct impression of an organized media effort to counter the growing public distrust of the whole shebang, from 9/11 to the GWOT, to the Patriot Act, to intrusive searches at our transportion portals.

      The natives are getting restless, and they know it. Time to murder a few more of us, and get us back to cowering under our sheets.

  6. jawad
    September 12, 2011, 1:48 am

    THE Pet Goat not My Pet Goat. link to

  7. Antidote
    September 12, 2011, 12:09 pm

    “who brought us Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, water-boarding…”

    Water-boarding was first practiced by the US in the Philippines, and defended by another ‘cowboy’, Theodore Roosevelt. The alleged purpose of the war in the Philippines was to liberate the Filipinos from the brutal colonial regime of the ‘greasy Spaniards’, who had employed the practice since the Spanish Inquisition (which operated under tight legal constraints: circumstantial evidence did not constitute legal proof. In order to obtain a confession, torture was legally applied whereas inflicting severe injury or death via torture was illegal).

    link to

    “The major guiding force in Teddy Roosevelt’s life seems to have been the advancement of the Aryan race over all other races. His machismo and his playing dress-up in Brooks Brothers designed uniforms was racial machismo; he was promoting himself as a model for the advancement of the world’s most superior race.

    The Aryans had supposedly come from the Middle East to Germany and from there to England in the form of the Anglo-Saxons. America’s Manifest Destiny was understood by many from the beginning as global in scope. The Anglo-Saxons had come west to the New World, would move west to the Pacific (slaughtering/benefitting anyone in the way) and proceed west through the Pacific and Asia (slaughtering/benefitting anyone in the way) until coming full-circle to the birthplace of the race near an area that Washington still very much wants to conquer, a nation whose name derives from Aryan: Iran.

    The same race theories maintained that the process of warmaking and conquering was necessary for the health of the race. When the Aryans had reached the Pacific, the mission had to continue, not just to fulfill a prophecy or to open markets or to win elections, but so that the race might not degenerate in the dangerous luxury of peace. General Arthur MacArthur, whose son Douglas would later effectively rule Japan, start a war in Korea, and do his best to get World War III going, was himself — for a time — the benevolent ruler of the Philippines, and explained to a U.S. Senate committee:

    “Many thousands of years ago our Aryan ancestors raised cattle, made a language, multiplied in numbers, and overflowed. By due process of expansion to the west they occupied Europe, developed arts and sciences, and created a great civilization, which, separating into innumerable currents, inundated and fertilized the globe with blood and ideas, the primary basis of all human progress, incidentally crossing the Atlantic and thereby reclaiming, populating, and civilizing a hemisphere. As to why the United States was in the Philippines , the broad actuating laws which underlie all these wonderful phenomena are still operating with relentless vigor and have recently forced one of the currents of this magnificent Aryan people across the Pacific — that is to say, back almost to the cradle of its race.”

    Incidentally, more Filipinos died in the first day of fighting off their American benefactors than Americans would die storming the beaches at Normandy. American soldiers in the Philippines sang a pleasant little song about waterboarding Filipinos. Here’s a verse:

    “Oh pump it in him till he swells like a toy balloon.
    The fool pretends that liberty is not a precious boon.
    But we’ll contrive to make him see the beauty of it soon.
    Shouting the battle cry of freedom.”

    In a 1910 lecture at Oxford, Teddy Roosevelt argued that recent white gains might be more temporary than those of the past, because modern Anglo-Saxons had allowed captive races to (partially) survive, whereas “all of the world achievements worth remembering are to be credited to the people of European descent . . . the intrusive people having either exterminated or driven out the conquered peoples.” Roosevelt praised this as “ethnic conquest” and it seems to have been his driving force.”

    link to

    Roosevelt, unlike non-Americans who harbored similar views and started aggressive wars, is still “on the receiving end of applause.” Go figure

  8. gazacalling
    September 12, 2011, 12:55 pm

    Bush’s book is really remarkable. Here the man has hundreds of pages to “set the record straight” and give you his point of view. Yet the result is stunning. He comes across as scared and in-over-his-head after September 11. It also proves the stereotypes better than the stereotypers ever could: that Bush was really eager to prove himself to his father, that this really drives his psychology.

    The book should be renamed, From One Harebrained Scheme to the Next.

    It’s amazing that it’s his own words, his own spin.

    • POA
      September 12, 2011, 2:03 pm

      Of more import than Bush’s obviously weak intellect, was his maleability.

      Personally, I believe thats why he was PLACED in the Oval Office. The alpha personalities in his administration and surrounding his administration, (Cheney, Perle, Abrams, Feith, Rumsfeld, Zakhiem, etc) were able to hoodwink this feckless idiot into a massive conjob that has cost over a million innocent lives, and well over a trillion dollars.

      As well, I have no doubt that Bush Sr was instrumental in aiding these people in their capitalization on his son’s weak mind and maleable naivette. He raised this poor half-witted monkey, so it is unreasonable to believe that he actually saw his son as “Presidential”. As is well known, the father and mother of this weak seeded disappointment bailed him out of one fiasco, failure, crime, and mistake after another. From being too stupid to conceal his coke habit to what amounts to actual DESERTION, daddy always enabled his boy to blunder into his next failure in life without cost or repurcussions. Its a model on how not to parent if you want to raise anything other than a mediocre, irresponsible, and underachieving adult.

  9. eljay
    September 12, 2011, 2:51 pm

    >> Of more import than Bush’s obviously weak intellect, was his maleability.
    >> Personally, I believe thats why he was PLACED in the Oval Office.

    Dubya struck me as an complete idiot who was permitted to pretend he was an important man: “Look, pa! I’m the presdinent . . . predizent . . . predni . . . dagnabit, I’m the ‘Commander Guy’!”

    This freed his puppetteers – the neo-cons – to pursue their world-shaping agenda unencumbered by the duties and responsibilities of that most hallowed of offices.

  10. Kathleen
    September 12, 2011, 7:12 pm

    Tavis Smiley, Scarborough and Jon Meacham (lost all respect) duke it out on Iraq/Bush administrations lies
    link to

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