Mea culpa, Irene

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A week or so back I did a post belittling fears of Hurricane Irene, saying Americans are such drama queens. After that Irene ravaged my own town. There are folks with big signs out saying, FEMA come here! The used-car dealer lost a couple of hundred thousand dollars of inventory. The dam on the lower pond in the woods near here was washed out in a scene straight out of Virgin and the Gypsy– flakes of concrete weighing a ton flung 100 yards. Many friends of mine have been without power.

Holding on to my pride for a moment, I would point out that we are talking about property damage by and large. Also, the actual damage was not predicted by the 24/7 cable meteorologists–Vermont, not New York. So the information was not really information. Oh the hubris of the mainstream media! All the New York fretting was over the top.

But I don’t believe in trivializing anyone’s suffering. So, add it to the list: I was wrong about Irene.

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