4-year-old Palestinian girl is rendered quadriplegic by Israeli military training in occupied West Bank

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Shame on me. Perhaps aggregating news has made me desensitized to the barbaric daily violence inflicted against Palestinians.  I skipped over the following headline from my list today and chose one about Jordan’s Abdullah & Grapel instead, as if they are more worthy of recognition than this little girl:

Child Suffers Quadriplegia After Being Shot By Israel Army Fire During Training
Palestinian medical sources in occupied Jerusalem reported that a 4-year-old child, was shot by a stray live round in her neck fired by Israeli soldiers during training at the Anatot military base, built on lands illegally annexed from the residents Anata Palestinian town, north of Jerusalem.

Her name is Aseel Ara’ra, a picture of  can be found here. I wish I could apologize to her.aseel 1

aseel via Maan

Update: Original version of this piece carried the wrong picture of Aseel. Thanks to commenters for correction.

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