Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends

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Readers know that I was really impressed by meeting American volunteer Morgan Bach in Palestine. When you watch this video I made in the little village of Al Aqaba, you’ll understand why.

Bach, 24, who blogs here, is a volunteer in Palestine for the Rebuilding Alliance.

Some important moments in the video:

1:01 A friend who doesn’t like Bach’s facebook posts expresses surprise at who Bach is dating.

2:10 Other friends ask, Why would you study abroad in Jordan? “Deep prejudice there.”

2:48 Bach reflects emotionally on a racist thing she said in responding to friends.

3:40 Bach speaks of an older liberal mentor friend with values she admires, who is very active in the Jewish community. He has been discouraging to her when she writes about Palestine– “no such place.” And her blog is “rubbish.”

4:20 Bach is “defriended.”

6:00 Right around here you’ll see Morgan Bach’s host, Haj Sami Sadeq, the village mayor, coasting by in the background in his wheelchair. Israeli soldiers paralyzed him when he was 16….

7:20 Some Jewish teachers are very interested in Bach’s reports from Palestine.

8:12 Bach on Jewish identity construction and the difficulties of a non-Jew interrogating that construction.

10:10 Her fears about being too blunt about Palestine, lest she offend.

The background to this video:

When I got to Jerusalem, Bach invited me to the little Palestinian village she’s helping to defend from being uprooted in the Jordan Valley, Al Aqaba. And I went out to visit. 

Here’s Bach, below, with Mayor Haj Sami Sadeq overlooking a Israeli military base in the right background.


That military base has stolen lands of Al Aqaba, and is drawing a noose around the community. Most of the population has fled.

And here’s Bach teaching the ABC’s to Palestinian children.morgan2

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