‘J Street’ urges Israel lobby group to sever ties with Elliott Abrams’s wife Rachel for ‘unhinged hate speech’ against Palestinians

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That hateful Rachel Abrams rant against Palestinians continues to resonate, in large part because she’s the wife of Elliott Abrams. You know that the neocons are on the run because J Street, which usually avoids hot topics, has issued a sharp condemnation of the remarks, saying that they put Abrams and the Emergency Committee for Israel outside the “pro-Israel” community. Well I’ll take anything I can get to push the neocons out of the discourse. Jeremy Ben-Ami:

“J Street is appalled by the unhinged rant filled with incitement and hate speech posted this past week by the founder of the Emergency Committee for Israel, Rachel Abrams, on her personal blog….

It is bad enough that the Emergency Committee for Israel already has a proven track record of making Israel a wedge issue in American politics. If they hope to have any credible claim to a place in the pro-Israel community, they must cut ties with Ms. Abrams immediately.

If they don’t, we call on politicians and community leaders to refuse any further connection with ECI.”

I see that J Street doesn’t like that the Emergency Committee has politicized support for Israel. That’s the part I like: getting Israel into the political debate…

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