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  1. seafoid
    October 5, 2011, 9:38 am

    This is the definitive document on YESHA and land grabbing Israeli Jews.


    And this is powerful

    Le Monde Diplomatique
    May, 2002

    In March, during the worst of the fighting on the West Bank, a delegation
    from the International Parliament of Writers visited Israel and Palestine.
    Among the party was Christian Salmon from France.

    The bulldozer war

    During the wars in former Yugoslavia the architect Bogdan Bogdanovich coined
    the term “urbicide” to describe the destruction of cities in the Balkans. In
    Palestine the violence has targeted the entire landscape. A trail of
    devastation stretches as far as the eye can see: a jumble of demolished
    buildings, levelled hillsides and flattened forests. This barrage of
    concentrated damage has been wrought not only by the bombs and tanks of
    traditional warfare, but by industrious, vigorous destruction that has
    toppled properties like a violent tax assessor.

    A concrete-and-asphalt ugliness now mars some of the most beautiful views in
    the world. Hillsides have been carved up for bypass roads to Israeli
    settlements. On either side of the road Palestinian homes have been
    destroyed, olive trees uprooted and orange orchards razed, on behalf of
    enhanced visibility. All that remains is a no-man’s land topped by
    watchtowers. In the hostilities, the omnipresent bulldozers have as much
    strategic importance as the tanks. Never before has such an innocuous piece
    of equipment augured such violence and brutality.

    Unplanned development is not at issue, nor are the concrete jungles of
    Israel’s Mediterranean coastline nor the forces of heartless capitalism. No,
    I am reminded of the efforts of the former Soviet Union’s Gosplan, as if
    this destruction was being overseen by a state planning committee and the
    wilful hand of Israel was striving to erase the past. The twin mind-sets of
    construction and destruction have long coexisted here. In the 1950s
    thousands of pine trees, not olives, not oranges, were planted to wipe out
    traces of destroyed Palestinian villages; agricultural development was then
    hailed as a hallmark of civilisation. But today, in thrall to the forces of
    destruction, the gardener’s hand has turned against the land, slashing and
    plundering, uprooting, displacing and depopulating. All geographical
    settings contain intelligible signs and landmarks that bear witness to the
    narrative of history; but the painful realisation on entering Palestine is
    how profoundly the topography has been altered: the landmarks have been
    erased, producing disorientation.

    No concerted effort is being made to create a Palestinian state, a
    binational entity or even two separate Israeli and Palestinian states.
    Instead the forces at work here seek geographic fragmentation and
    dissolution, the abolition of the land itself. It would not be the first
    time that places and streets were renamed or localities taken apart before
    being remade anew. In Bosnia this was known as “memoricide”, the murder of
    the past. Here mere name changes are not enough: forests, hillsides and
    roadways must be completely deconstructed. The territory has been mutilated.
    We know that geography’s primary purpose is to serve the needs of war. But
    in Palestine, war is designed mostly to conquer geography.

  2. pabelmont
    October 5, 2011, 10:07 am

    If a tree falls in a forest and no woman is present to tell her man that it happened, did the tree fall? AM I CONFUSED ABOUT SOMETHING. Yes, I am.

    I mean, if only Phil’s army (enthusiastic but small) hear of these dreadful things, and the GOUS (which even the Wall Street Protest cannot reach) “hears no evil, sees no evil, and definitely speaks no evil”, WHAT’S THE USE.

    How do we get to a greater public, in USA, in EU, anywhere?

  3. kursato
    October 5, 2011, 11:48 am

    no comment

  4. NorthOfFortyNine
    October 5, 2011, 2:46 pm


    Do you contest the facts in this presentation?


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