‘That’s what democracy means’: Kristof makes the common sense argument for one state

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Today Nick Kristof has a column in the Times titled “Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy?” which lays out the current impasse in Israeli/Palestinian negotiations (including Obama’s “humiliation” at the UN). He ends:

So where do we go from here? If a peace deal is not forthcoming soon, and if Israel continues its occupation, then Israel should give the vote in Israeli elections to all Palestinians in the areas it controls. If Jews in the West Bank can vote, then Palestinians there should be able to as well.

That’s what democracy means: people have the right to vote on the government that controls their lives. Some of my Israeli friends will think I’m unfair and harsh, applying double standards by focusing on Israeli shortcomings while paying less attention to those of other countries in the region. Fair enough: I plead guilty. I apply higher standards to a close American ally like Israel that is a huge recipient of American aid.

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