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November 30 2011

15 The Occupy movement seeks to change U.S. foreign policy–will Palestine be included?

8 Alhamdulillah Thanksgiving
Fidaa Abuassi

28 A brief story of dispossession, American-style – and what you can do about it

192 Why is Charlie Rose hugging Seth Klarman?

117 A documentary guide to ‘Brand Israel’ and the art of pinkwashing

18 What’s my line? I’m Bruce Springsteen of the Middle East, the land of milk and honey

November 29 2011

4 Reflections on solidarity – November 29, 2011

78 Now they care

1 Personal narratives vs. a colonial reality: Inside the Palestine Writing Workshop

41 Ann Lewis and Bill Kristol do ‘playful banter’ at AIPAC summit

6 Key Occupy Wall Street organizers include activists with roots in Israel/Palestine

4 Israeli forces tear gas and arrest girls during home demolition in South Hebron Hills

140 Could Ron Paul’s Iowa surge finally open up political debate on Israel and Iran attack?

11 The last koffiyeh factory in Palestine

36 Israeli gov’t warns Israelis in U.S. not to marry Americans but come home

18 Cornel West & Rosemary Ruether launch petition to stop Marc Ellis’s dismissal from Baylor University

16 Mondo… Beyondo

14 Egyptian polls open amid accusation of election fraud

50 Pregnant Pulitzer prize winning American photojournalist humiliated as Israeli soldiers ‘watched and laughed’

8 ‘A Needle in the Binding’: The legacy of Palestinian prisoner self-education in Israeli prisons
Ben Lorber and Khalil Ashour

27 Questions about Bernard Avishai’s ‘Harper’s’ piece

November 28 2011

5 Thanksgiving in Gaza

11 Human rights groups target fashion icon over NYC exhibition funded by settlement tycoon Lev Leviev

1 Sumarin family receives news that eviction is temporarily delayed
Deppen Webber

8 Activists charge World Health Organization with being ‘blind to apartheid’

49 A message in the sand: ‘We will not allow gas exports to Israel’

28 Wait, did the South Carolina legislature pass a one-state resolution?!

26 JJ Goldberg is uncomfortable with ‘astoundingly hostile’ new ‘New York Times’

69 Guardians of the City: An interview with Neturei Karta’s Rabbi Meir Hirsh

134 The liberal Zionist inability to confront the right of return

4 Words vs. Israeli soldiers – Demonstration in Nabi Saleh, Palestine

6 Updated: Will Tel Aviv and Washington play it safe Egypt and Syria?

232 ‘It’s time to stop the bully’: Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn on Occupy Wall Street, the Israel lobby and the New York Times

8 Why is Mort Zuckerman so hot about Obama?

November 27 2011

56 Streisand to sing at Israeli soldier benefit in LA

10 Is U.S. Egyptian policy just an Israel policy in a galabiya?

6 This is how Palestinians spent their Thanksgiving…

5 Israel is top destination for Congress, including 12 Texans, 26 times

26 Praise the ‘NYT’ for exposing an American Jewish family’s argument over Israel/Palestine

18 ‘NYT’ focuses on extremist attacks on Palestinians inside Israel

9 Cold Turkey

39 Migron settlement ordered removed by 3/12. Will it happen?

November 26 2011

51 NBC and the Israel lobby

15 I hold my breath, Haaretz

21 In 5 days the Sumarin family will be evicted from Jerusalem home they have lived in for decades

5 Egyptian military defector: ‘I saw people dying and the army gave the orders for us to stand and watch’
Phil Weiss and Annie

23 A Zionist appeal to western Jews contains racist overtones

34 BDS update: Rage in Israel as BNP Paribas is pressured to pull out

November 25 2011

22 Abbas and Mashaal: Commitment hailed a new era of ‘partnership’

119 Israeli newspaper owner says Obama can’t stop settlers’ ‘apartheid regime’ because of ‘Jewish lobby’

9 Palestinian thinkers weigh in on the threats to attack Iran

10 Israel plans forced transfer of 27,000 Bedouins in West Bank and Jerusalem

97 On Shabbos the rabbi stood outside neighbor’s house shouting F-you at his ‘Free Palestine’ bumper sticker

150 Salon: Israel pushes US warmongering via neocon dog-tail-waggers

19 Ed Rendell keynotes fundraiser for Israeli army

November 24 2011

3 Rep. John Lewis, join the freedom ride to end discrimination in Israel/Palestine

45 Egyptian protester: ‘They brought snipers to finish us off. As if we are Palestine and they are Israel.’

6 Haaretz names the top 10 pro-settlement Knesset members

81 Netanyahu takes another step to demolish the brand

81 Pamela Geller’s Islamophobia hits new low with Thanksgiving Day smear of dietary laws

November 23 2011

18 Brave ‘NYT’ describes Israel’s efforts to ‘pinkwash’ occupation

5 Wala’: The untrodden beauty of Palestine

16 Sabra alternative: Inching towards social responsibility at DePaul University

13 Video celebrating Freedom Riders likens Israeli flag to Confederate flag

27 Bernard-Henri Levy insists settlements are not ‘colonies’ but minute ‘implantations’

72 Who’s on top in VF piece– ‘Tom Buchanan’ Winkelvosses or ‘lifelong elite’ Zuckerberg?

November 22 2011

18 Thousands rally in Tahrir Square as protests continue against military government

11 Soldiers make room for settlers to attack peaceful Palestinian demonstration

39 Obama must condemn Egyptian military’s crackdown

8 Activists to sue Minnnesota for investments that fund Israeli occupation
Sylvia Schwarz and Phil Benson

38 Santorum says West Bank is Israel’s Texas, and all who live there are ‘Israelis’

4 Report: Ruth Messinger bowed to pressure from Zionist funder to sponsor Israel tour

61 Artist imagines return to Jewish homeland (Poland)

10 NY criminal probe: Why did $1.6 million of heiress’s loot go to settlement her lawyer’s daughter lives in

143 Revival of Geneva Initiative features divisive figure: Bernard-Henri Levy

November 21 2011

3 Israeli military and settlers attack homes of Palestinians involved in the recent prisoner swap

36 Rafeef Ziadah: ‘I am an Arab woman of color and we come in all Shades of Anger, beware’

17 ‘J Street’ distances itself from board member who met with Hamas officials

21 Seymour Hersh: Obama’s Iran policy is a ‘political game’ to ‘look tough’

24 Huckabee and Allen West to speak at Hebron Fund settlers gala in Queens

57 The problem with ‘occupation’ in the occupy movement

1 ‘Normalcy’ in the Gulf means billions of US arms sales to face down Iran

27 In 1950, Doubleday censored frank account of Deir Yassin massacre from prominent American’s book

26 Should have seen this coming – Dershowitz defends Paterno

198 ‘Segregated country’: Israel envisions Orthodox-Jewish-only ‘cities’ in Palestinian area
Phil Weiss and Annie

6 Free graphic novel explores CIA overthrow of Iranian gov’t in 1953

85 A boycott of their own? Settlers compiling list of businesses that employ ‘Arabs’

November 20 2011

10 U.S. teargas in Tahrir– headline. U.S. teargas in Palestine–circular file

51 Bill to investigate flotilla is a ‘tool of intimidation’

34 Bachmann comes to Manhattan for Zionist org’s Brandeis dinner

36 ‘In Hebron I felt that God had abandoned earth’

18 Even Goldberg acknowledges that a Jew can vote for the government while his Palestinian neighbor cannot

157 Settlers and supporters descend on Hebron to assert Jewish sovereignty
Ben Lorber and Alistair George

10 Unprecedented Minneapolis forum of 4 Jews arguing about Israel is on-line now

13 Activists disrupt Donald Rumsfeld speaking event in Plano, Texas

5 A poet visits his mother’s grave

November 19 2011

14 ‘Shame on you’

21 National Press Club suspends journalist over tough questions for Saudi prince

19 Barak says he would want nukes if he was Iran
Jasmin Ramsey

83 NPR story on Dead Sea Scrolls makes listener feel like a goose being force-fed Israel propaganda

3 Sumrains, prominent family in East Jerusalem, face eviction for settlers (and where is Hillary?)

115 Phoenix Jewish columnist says Obama’s complaint about Netanyahu made American Jews feel unsafe

20 Pinkwashing Lieberman, whitewashing fascism

43 Derfner slams Jason Alexander as yet another ‘evenhanded liberal failure’

17 Israeli gov’t employs guilt to try and reverse reverse-aliyah

November 18 2011

28 Barak orders strike on Gaza during ‘Charlie Rose’– and checks what looks like a Rolex
Scott Roth and Phil Weiss

38 Egypt, Syria, and the dynamics of counter-revolution

33 Lauren Pierce needs a history lesson

5 Remi Kanazi – This poem will not end apartheid

16 France chides Israeli ambassador following consul injury in Gaza attack

277 Kissinger: ‘Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?’

47 DNC chairwoman seeks to outflank Perry and Romney on the right– on aid to Israel

November 17 2011

31 Student leader who tweeted about Obama assassination spent last weekend w/ pro-Israel group StandWithUs

8 Susan Abulhawa’s Mornings in Jenin headed for the silver screen

68 Critics of Palestine solidarity within Occupy Wall Street rely on distortion

7 164 essential drugs are completely unavailable in Gaza

147 Condi Rice was ‘shocked’ by ‘ethnic purity’ claims for Jewish state

81 ‘Proud Zionist’ tweets that assassinating Obama is ‘tempting’

12 Pro-Israel rabbis slam Paterno for standing by while others were hurt

1 Live video of today’s Occupy Wall Street protests

5 Pakistani ambassador gets the Israel lobby’s blessing

59 AIPAC Hollywood junket to Israel meets protest

21 Report: PA denies plans to abandon UN effort due to Israeli and American pressure

20 Israeli rebranding conference in NY looks to be circle-wagons affair

74 Contextualizing the Holocaust

November 16 2011

8 Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in Jericho and the Galilee; threatens solar plant near Hebron

57 Dubious Charlie Rose asks Ehud Barak why not one state?

28 Q: Should Palestinians be able to ride Israeli buses? A: No, it’s a Jewish state.

4 US protesters stand in solidarity with Palestinian Freedom Riders

18 Unpacking the Israel-Kenya deal to help wage war in Somalia

23 Welcome to Mondoweiss’s first staffers: Allison Deger and Alex Kane

9 Propaganda Revisited: Iraq, Iran, and the rhyming of history

29 South African apartheid didn’t have a domestic constituency in the U.S.

36 ‘If Rosa Parks could have called a press conference it would have looked like this’

16 Let history note, on the day of the initial Palestinian Freedom Ride, NYT published story on Israeli ‘need to hit Gaza’

34 Che’s definition of activism

4 The Bedouin struggle for water in the Jordan Valley

63 The case for invading Iran

November 15 2011

35 The Freedom Riders of Bus 148

2 Gaza Lives On

173 Welcome to the new Mondoweiss

23 Police end Wall Street occupation– for now

0 Gaza Gateway provides a closer look at the siege on Gaza

20 Did Fox and Werritty meet 6 times with ambassador to Israel to plan ‘secret agenda for war’ with Iran?

13 Thank God Amira Hass never became a fashion writer

58 Ross’s presence assured that ‘flow of bundled donations was unabated’ to Obama –Blumenthal

21 Romney and Obama battle it out in the primary for the Israel lobby

1 One killed, four wounded in Israeli attack on Gaza

25 Even the left has deferred to the Jewish establishment’s demand to bow down before Baal

113 Six Palestinian Freedom Riders arrested traveling on Israeli-only bus

21 JFREJ has taken strong stand against the occupation

November 14 2011

39 Separate Is Not Equal: Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian Freedom Riders

122 Five Republican congressmen take Christian Zionist solidarity tour of settlements

16 Freedom Rides highlight the lack of Palestinian rights, and the unjust system attempting to keep it that way

31 Rafeef Ziadah – ‘We teach life, sir’

79 Experts weigh in: What Dennis Ross’s departure means for Iran and the ‘peace process’

53 Four Freedom Riders, then and now

3 seeks to restore democracy for all Palestinians

28 The escalation: ‘Time’ says Israel attacked Iranian missile base

72 Israel’s threat to attack Iran– will Obama capitulate to that as well?

51 ‘Washington Post’ touts that ‘weird wonderful Israeli democracy’

7 For today’s Freedom Riders– an old letter from a Birmingham Jail

51 So you want to be a neoconservative? C’est facile!

32 The progressive vanity of the colonial, per Doris Lessing

November 13 2011

21 A weekend of terror in Occupied Palestine

49 US Freedom Riders woke a nation. Palestinian Freedom Riders must wake the world
Clarence B. Jones

39 Romney says ‘zero’ aid to all foreign countries– then rushes to issue an exception

21 Occupy movement cannot be silent on Israel/Palestine, say 3 Jewish groups

37 Golden oldies: Tom Friedman at start of Iraq war telling Arabs to ‘suck on this’

36 At Slate, casual racism toward Palestinians (their ‘violent, vengeful’ culture) and some smart talk about Jews

20 Wait– who is afraid of nukes in the Middle East?

November 12 2011

382 Dueling messages on Iran

22 Why we Occupy Wall Street, not Palestine
Carolyn Klaasen, Liza Behrendt, and Jesse Bacon

19 Wayback Machine: The UN debates Zionism

16 ‘Post’ ombudsman secretly admits that a writer who attacked Israelis as Rubin attacked Palestinians would lose her job

11 Evidently Harvard University chose not to acquire this celebrity lawyer’s papers?

November 11 2011

30 Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places — Why is JDate advertising in the Gaza Strip?
Radhika Sainath

47 Letter to the FM of Sweden from Gaza youth
Majed Abusalama

26 Israeli settlers gas a 10-year-old boy, and stop olive harvest

371 Gorenberg says a one-state solution would produce another Lebanon

53 Fact Check!: DePaul students disrupt ‘Israel 101′; Northwestern students walk out on Israel propagandist

4 Arab Spring? What Arab Spring?: US policy in the Middle East shows no change since the fall of Mubarak

15 TV won’t tell me why students are occupying Berkeley–

54 Ross’s departure will hurt Obama’s reelection hopes, Abrams explains

24 The story of one young person’s decision to quit his job in the Jewish community over Israel

9 ‘Washington Post’ runs long prominent piece on young Palestinians who reject ‘shriveled’ state and emulate civil rights movement

4 Palestine comes to Atlanta: Linking the US and Palestinian civil rights movements

29 ESPN and NYT should be ashamed for tiptoeing around rape at heart of Penn State outrage

November 10 2011

165 Dennis Ross announces he is leaving the Obama administration in December

91 ‘Occupy the Occupiers’ disrupts Birthright Israel event

69 Wexler on the warpath: Opening volleys of major push for Iran war by liberal Zionists and hawks?

63 IAEA report is a dud, and ‘Moon of Alabama’ busted it wide open with “Nanodiamonds”

27 Likud MK Danon: Destroy Gaza neighborhoods for every rocket fired

23 Aloni: Goldstone legitimizes apartheid in Israel/Palestine

5 ‘International week against the Apartheid Wall’ seeks to rally the ‘global 99%’
Anna Baltzer

18 ‘The New York Insular Times’ publishes a tome on Shalit

14 Red State/Blue State

2 Israel-Egypt pipeline bombed for the 7th time in opposition to natural gas deal

2 The digital occupation

21 Kristallnacht is memorialized w shattered mirrors

15 Elliott Abrams seems to think that Obama is anti-Semitic (and so does Newt Gingrich)

117 Saul Bellow didn’t like WASPs

November 9 2011

10 Israeli court to flotilla activists: Sign confession or face two months in jail without trial

55 The real question is: Does Netanyahu lie?

5 Israel, GCC and the US — An alliance of convenience

41 Pro-Israel blogger’s call for killing Palestinians earns rebuke from Wash Post ombudsman, clap on back from editorial editor

14 James Baker blasts Obama as ‘shortsighted’ on settlements, on 20th anniversary of Madrid
Umar Farooq

12 Israel’s policy of divide and survive

66 How to avoid war with Iran

93 Occupy Wall Street and the struggle over Israel/Palestine

7 Oh, Weakness; or, Shylock with a Split S: An excerpt from Udi Aloni’s What Does a Jew Want?

12 Sullivan says that Washington Post columnist has become ‘spokesman’ for Netanyahu ‘propaganda’

16 Huh– Obama deals with Netanyahu ‘every day’ but does not talk to Palestinian leader?

3 State Dep’t official says Obama outlined ‘comprehensive vision’ for peace (but says nothing about settlements)

26 What next after the latest frustrated flotilla?

November 8 2011

33 This is not what containment looks like

7 Democracy Now correspondent on Gaza flotilla describes Israeli detention

26 Israelis respond to Obama snub on Facebook

8 Avigdor Lieberman proposes 45% tax on foreign donations to leftist orgs (no word on funding for settlers from the US)

2 From the American South to the West Bank: A Freedom Rider bears witness to human rights in Israel/Palestine

220 Spinozapalooza! Jewish leader says American Jewish community must kick out anyone who supports boycott

4 Next week, Palestinian freedom riders will board segregated buses in West Bank

38 Rattling Sabers & Beating Drums: Fear-mongering over nuclear Iran reaches a fever-pitch

25 Will calls for military confrontation with Iran develop their own momentum?

92 Warmongering Jeffrey Goldberg calls on Obama to use missile strikes against Iran

11 ‘Delegitimizers’ of Israeli sovereignty said to be Islamist-leftist network (joined by P.A.’s UN bid)

1 Attack on Peace Now is latest in long series

8 Palestinian and Jew– one humanity

4 Telegraph: Amid talk of war, Cameron’s membership in Israel lobby ‘club’ creates conflict of interest

2 A Palestinian human rights reporter denied freedom of movement appeals for western help

20 Uncle Shmuel wants you (to fight and breed)

November 7 2011

61 Behind closed doors Sarkozy and Obama spill the beans

13 Israel plans to build over 50,000 new homes in East Jerusalem in the next 20 years

55 Jewish Feds General Assembly seems paranoid about ‘who is on our side’ inside Jewish community

57 ’48 is beginning to replace ’67 in discourse — even at UVa

3 Democracy Now on the ongoing Israeli detention of flotilla activists

19 Freedom Waves prisoners abused and imprisoned; ‘Anonymous’ hackers strike back
Ben Lorber

16 Occupy the Occupiers: A Jewish call to action
Young, Jewish, and Proud

27 ‘WaPo’ columnist embraces Condi Rice’s peace process fiction

3 Former corporate execs Leader (AOL) and Cooperman (Goldman Sachs) back online ‘Jerusalem U’ that does ‘Israel advocacy’

31 Remnick favors containment of Iran, calling war plans ‘a heedless attack that risks the whirlwind’

5 Tom Friedman’s faulty Algiers/Jerusalem analogy
Belén Fernández

0 ‘Texas Observer’ touches on the ‘exile from Palestine’

10 Super Stuxnet?

158 Bellow: Diaspora Jews support Israel because it restored our ‘manliness’ after the Holocaust

November 6 2011

35 ‘Peace Now”s Jerusalem offices targeted in ‘pricetag’ threat

79 Voice in wilderness, Ron Paul calls for friendship with Iran

7 Israeli forces and Nature Authority raid playground, arrest one

19 Israel’s UN ambassador breaks bread with Le Pen, French nationalist

7 Israeli navy nearly sank 2 boats headed to Gaza, then beat and taser’d Canadian passengers
Jane Hirschmann and Felice Gelman

23 Obama administration approves navy warships seizing two boats carrying peace activists and letters to Gaza as necessary for Israeli ‘security’

9 Tutu: East Jerusalem echoes Cape Town

8 The positive power of me (that the siege cannot kill)
Fidaa Abuassi

30 Tom Friedman pushed Iraq war as ‘radical liberal revolution’ to ‘install democracy in heart of Arab world’

18 When is it okay to say that Jews own Wall Street?

136 Threatening letter to Obama on chilling Turkey is signed by 7 Jewish House members, says Peace Now

26 Occupy Wall Street responds to controversy over Gaza flotilla
Ben Lorber

1 ‘Forbes’ column seeks to discredit neoconservatives’ ‘entangling alliances’

November 5 2011

30 Neoconservative brinksmanship

26 ‘Powerful lobby is hellbent’ for US to go to war w Iran

7 Hermain Cain adviser, Gordon, linked to British scandal involving ‘rogue pro-Israel foreign policy’

31 ‘Adbusters’ seeks right of reply to ‘NYT”s smear of anti-Semitism and fails to get it
Kalle Lasn

11 Orthodox Jews’ spitting attacks on Christian clergy in Old City are now daily occurrence

8 Public apology to the Texas Rangers

November 4 2011

192 Strategic asset or rogue state? Israel’s threats to Iran ‘concern’ Pentagon

35 They were sailing for us
Medea Benjamin and Robert Naiman

3 ‘We will continue to challenge the blockade w/ more boats’

35 Breaking: Gaza flotilla stopped by Israeli warships

86 Flotilla controversy within Occupy Wall Street shows Palestine continues to be a fault line
Ben Lorber

14 Ultrazionists have met the enemy and he is… Tom Friedman!

7 Times readers respond to Goldstone

79 Goldstone needs a reality check

71 JTA wonders why ‘Jewish influence’ is so ‘pervasive’ in our politics

4 ‘The Forward’ embraces neoconservatives

42 Ultra-Orthodox pose greater risk to Israel than Iran — fmr Mossad chief

21 Creeping halacha rolls on

10 If US drops out of UN intellectual property org for Israel’s sake, wouldn’t that compromise our ‘national security?’

November 3 2011

29 Two boats are a day and a half from Gaza, and plan to arrive at daylight

20 Israeli doctors ‘failing to report torture of Palestinian detainees’

107 Reporters again turn State Dep’t briefing into moshpit, scorning US ‘impotence’ in the conflict

81 Finkelstein on Goldstone

7 Majd Kayyal on Gaza flotilla: I’m sailing to Gaza because the Palestinian cause is part of the global struggle against racism

61 Say Yes To Colonialism!

6 Olympia Food Co-op fights lawsuit over boycott of Israeli goods
Noah Sochet

22 Nurit Peled-Elhanan: ‘Apartheid in Israel and Palestine …. is enabled by the most profound racism’

17 Netanyahu’s party platform ‘flatly rejects’ establishment of Palestinian state
Porter Speakman, Jr

1 Students at Wayne State: Stand tall

2 Israel expands settlements, refuses to transfer tax money to PA as punishment for UNESCO vote

November 2 2011

13 Turkish harbormaster let 11 of us sail (and 25 are left behind)
Mazin Qumsiyeh

70 Students protest Israeli spokesperson at Wayne State University

16 UNESCO vote shows the US and Israel represent the 1% against the 99% of world opinion

25 The Netanyahu Guide to Middle East Peace

8 Goldstone’s major error: By looking for South Africa, he missed Israel’s own brand of apartheid

158 ‘Freedom Waves to Gaza’ flotilla leaves Turkey headed to Gaza; Organizers: ‘It is time to lift the siege of Gaza which deprives 1.6 million civilians of their rights to travel, work, study, develop their economy and be free.’
Ben Lorber

25 Sadly, Americans need permission from Israeli heroes to stick a fork in Zionism

106 Halper: Israel may attack Iran so that we won’t hear the word ‘Palestinian’ for another 5 years

109 ‘You lost’ — reporters at State say UNESCO vote isolates U.S. from world opinion (and possibly from intellectual property enforcement)

22 Israel lobbied Serbians in Bosnia to block Palestinians at Security Council

32 Germany takes a toy away from the spoiled child

5 (Un)Occupy Albuquerque makes free speech and public access TV the issue

13 Goldstone lesson: what’s so great about international law?

27 Occupy Connecticut

November 1 2011

34 Bronner lets controversy subside, then cancels 92d St appearance w/ Perle and Bolton

120 Goldstone sugarcoats persecution to try to save Israel

68 Caption contest

25 South Africans think Israel is practicing apartheid

25 Does the UNESCO vote pave the way for broader Palestinian acceptance within the UN system?

66 Goldstone contra Goldstone
Jamie Stern-Weiner

40 80 year old Palestinian woman stoned by settlers

26 Could Goldstone’s logic in defense of Israel have saved apartheid in South Africa?
Hazim Bitar

19 What Palestine’s UNESCO membership could mean on the ground
Ehab Zahriyeh

150 The law and practice of apartheid in South Africa and Palestine
John Dugard

0 An Open Letter to the Governments of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain