Dubious Charlie Rose asks Ehud Barak why not one state?

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Charlie Rose

Last night, Charlie Rose asked Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak what would be so bad about a one-state solution. 34:00 or so. The dialogue (partial transcript below) is not in itself that remarkable, but it followed on Rose expressing great discomfort with the Gaza onslaught of 2008-2009– “was it the appropriate response in your judgment?” Barak came off as rigid and a bit high-handed. I sense Rose is reflecting growing establishment impatience with Israel’s actions, cf. David Remnick saying, “I can’t take the occupation any more.” 

Rose: Is a one-state solution the worst thing that could happen to Israel?

Barak: …It’s extremely bad for Israel.

Rose: Because?

Barak: Because Israel has been established to become a Zionist democratic Jewish state… The only solution is to delineate a certain line within which we would have a solid Jewish majority for generations to come….

Note Barak’s racial demographics.  He despaired that the alternative is “two communities bleeding into one another” in a Belfast or Bosnia-like situation. I can’t imagine that sits well with Rose, who grew up in Jim Crow North Carolina.

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