Egyptian military defector: ‘I saw people dying and the army gave the orders for us to stand and watch’

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Amazing video at the Guardian site, of an Egyptian army major who left the army to join the popular uprising. Here you can glimpse the great political intelligence and depth of the Egyptian revolution, the ways that a people throwing off tyranny have had to originate creative ways to assert their will. Inspiring. 

I am in solidarity with this revolution and iI do not belong to the military institution at the moment, I feel that now I am among my people, my family, unlike before. Before when i was with the army and not the protestors i felt like i was abandoning my people. so I handed in my weapons, put on my civilian clothes…. I am sure there are many officers among these people who are joining them like I am.. I want the people to know there are army officers who are with them. … If I die, I will die with a clean conscience.

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