How to avoid war with Iran

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Widespread media-enforced ignorance about Operation Ajax provoked Adbusters to famously call the U.S. “the United States of Amnesia.”

Elided from mainstream media coverage, the root cause of the current standoff with Iran is the 1953 U.S.-orchestrated overthrow of Iran’s democratically-elected government and its Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. This led to decades of U.S.-backed oppression under the Shah’s brutal dictatorship. The U.S. could prevent a disastrous military engagement with Iran by following this simple plan:

– Fly a high ranking official – Sec. Clinton, at the least – to Tehran and deliver a full and public apology for the coup and subsequent oppression, perhaps along with reparations;

– Additionally, offer Iran normalized diplomatic relations, and as part of the package, both a non-aggression treaty and a broad agreement on a nuclear weapons free Middle East, to which the U.S. would pressure all states in the region – including Israel – to become signatories.

Iran would likely accept. That’s it. Sanity, right?

Unfortunately, the neoconservatives, the pro-Israel lobby, and Israel’s government are determined to a) maintain Israel’s covert nuclear weapons monopoly at all costs, and b) provoke yet another pre-emptive war of aggression. The consequences will at minimum be catastrophic and involve the deaths of thousands of Iranian civilians, however, the worst case scenario could be a regional and/or nuclear war.

Attention U.S. occupiers: please, do the world a favor. #OCCUPYCONGRESS! Demand an apology to Iran for overthrowing their government, and normalized diplomatic relations!

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