Phoenix Jewish columnist says Obama’s complaint about Netanyahu made American Jews feel unsafe

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I have to believe that the eavesdropped-on Netanyahu “liar” exchange between Sarkozy and Obama has caused many Americans, including many Jews, to wonder what the hell we’ve gotten into with the special relationship. But it has caused parochial Jews to freak out too. Here is such a person saying that Obama’s complaint about Netanyahu, “You’re fed up with him but I have to deal with him every day,” has caused Jews to worry about their safety in American society. Seems like quite a stretch, huh? But let Elaine Fogel, a marketing consultant and blogger, do the math in the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix. She describes the exchange as a defining moment:

For Democratic Jews, who have been supportive of the president and his agenda, this faux pas will certainly cause some to rethink their allegiances. [i.e., they’re going to become Republicans]

And, for independent Jewish voters, one can only guess, but for those with strong ties or commitment to Israel, the Obama gaffe may be a tipping point from which there is no return….

I expect to see this political blunder linger longer within our Jewish communities than other incidents. When the president speaks, even off the record, he speaks on behalf of all Americans. And that’s what will worry many American Jews.

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