Welcome to the new Mondoweiss

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As you’ve surely noticed things are looking very different around here. We have been working on redesigning the site since the end of the summer, and we’re excited about Mondoweiss 3.0. To us it signifies the continuing evolution of the site away from being simply a blog, to an interactive website that delivers news, hosts thought-provoking analysis and spurs debate.

We hope the new design will be easier to navigate, and help highlight the wide breadth of writing, and writers, we feature on the site. In addition, we want the new site to deepen reader engagement, and bring our very active comments section to the fore.

As with all transitions this is very much a work in progress! Please let us know what you think, we’ll be continuing to tweak and adjust the site in coming days (and probably weeks). Please use the comments section here to share your thoughts and thanks so much for helping the site become what it is today!

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