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Walt and Mearsheimer’s landmark piece on the Israel lobby was published in 2006 in the London Review of Books

President Obama tied up traffic in New York last night. The radio said he was doing fundraisers in town after visiting Pennsylvania towns that are flat on their butts. Haaretz has the news (thanks to Max Blumenthal):

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration,” Obama said. “We don’t compromise when it comes to Israel’s security … and that will continue.”

The president was speaking to campaign donors at the Manhattan home of Jack Rosen, chairman of the American Jewish Congress, who said “it would be remiss for me not to say there are many in the Jewish community who are concerned” about the relationship between Israel and the United States…

“No ally is more important than the state of Israel,” Obama said at the fundraiser, which collected at least $300,000 from wealthy donors for his re-election bid and other Democratic campaigns.

Remember what I picked up the other day: Last summer Obama raised $1.2 million in one night at the home of David Cohen, the exec. vice president of Comcast, which owns NBC. Cohen is the former vice chairman of the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia and supportive of Israel. This is not about voters. This is about the mother’s milk of politics.

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  1. MRW
    December 1, 2011, 9:03 am

    $300,000? That’s all?

  2. pabelmont
    December 1, 2011, 10:10 am

    I don’t like to think that Obama means to double-cross all these fine pro-Israel donors, or even to unpleasantly surprise them, after the election; and I don’t think he will. So sad. (But I hope he will, for the greater good.)

  3. Krauss
    December 1, 2011, 10:11 am

    Can this explain the rift between Average Jews (who are supportive of OWS) and élite, conservative Jews who are very skeptical and quick to attack the movement as anti-semitic and/or communist rabble? (Many of them, of course, like Larry Fink put on frowny faces and says he ‘feels their pain’ but the only thing that distinguishes his and Newt Gingrich’s true feelings is that Fink is much smoother and smarter about PR than Newt ever will be).

    If OWS gets it’s way, it won’t be enough to raise a few taxes here and there. You have to totally redo the entire political system and purge it away from monied interests. This will hit the Lobby at the solar plexus. It will ensure that American presidents will be much more independent than they would otherwise. Sure, you can still barrage them through the media, but at least the political process will be partly shut off. And if the rules on the so-called ‘Super PACs’ are tightned, then it will be even harder to run by opaque rules.

    In my opinion, in any free democracy the most important medium is not actually pressure groups. It’s the media. If you had a genuinely free media, not run by Comcast’s David Cohen’s of the world, then it would be much easier to keep AIPAC under control.

    If you doubt what I am saying, look how harsh the MSM is treating the Koch brothers. If they had true power, the MSM would not attack them.
    There are plenty of people who have done much more for the splintering of the American nation along economic lines. The previously mentioned Larry Fink is one. But he’s pals with Larry Summers and people like David Cohen. So he gets a pass. Koch brothers, who I see without any redeeming quality, as not as strong – because they are visible in the media and attacked in ways that Wall St oligarchs are not and media owners.

    Like the guy owning the Chicago Tribune, Sam Zell, who is a Zionist and also claimed in the run-up to the economic crisis of 2008 – that he profited from – that “This country needs a cleansing. We need to clean out all those people who never should have bought in the first place, and not give them sympathy.”
    The quote is on his Wikipedia page but you don’t see frontal attacks on him in the New Yorker by Jane Mayer, like the attack on Koch brothers.

    Here’s a link to the Forward about Sam Zell’s zealous Zionism.

    You think that guy will be honest on the Israel Lobby or his papers?

    AIPAC can be broken by the media, that’s where people should focus on. Same is true for the banking lobby, the military-industrial complex and so on.
    Your previous piece on Charlie Rose was spot on, as were the comments on Chris Matthews. They are merely the outwardly faces of the deeper rot.
    And people like Comcast’s David Cohen or Sam Zell are more than happy to keep the rot going.

    • Keith
      December 1, 2011, 6:58 pm

      KRAUSS- “If OWS gets it’s way, it won’t be enough to raise a few taxes here and there. You have to totally redo the entire political system and purge it away from monied interests.”

      “purge it away from monied interests.” From your mouth to God’s ear! And that is the key, isn’t it? Both the economy and democracy suffer grievously from an excessive concentration of wealth (money power).

  4. Kathleen
    December 1, 2011, 10:13 am

    So glad you picked up the who owns and runs Comcast Phil
    When an individual repeats lies purposely. That makes that individual a liar. General James Jones is a liar. General James Jones was on Charlie Rose on Nov 30th. They touched on Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. General Jones repeated the false, debunked and endlessly repeated neocon created “Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map.” General Jones knows that this is a false interpretation of what the Iranian President said at one point “Zionism will vanish from the pages of history” Charlie Rose who was corrected by former Bush administration official and former CIA middle east analyst Flynt Leverett when Charlie Rose repeated this false statement when Leverett was on his program. But Charlie Rose sure did not challenge this debunked claims even though he knows it is false. No he and Jones went on to claim that Iran will be attacking someone if they get nuclear weapons.

    Phil Mondo team you might want to check out that interview. They did not come close to talking about the issue that has pissed so many in that neighborhood for decades. Did not even get close.

    Charlie Rose and General Jones are ihelping build the stage for an attack on Iran.

    During Rep Barney Franks “exit interview” on Chris Matthews Hardball last night. Rep Frank said that the Occupy Wall Street people had not voted in elections. What an arrogant and highly questionable statement. How the fuck does Barney know how many of the OWS folks have or have not voted. No substance what so ever.

    • seafoid
      December 1, 2011, 2:09 pm

      The UK just pulled its embassy out of Tehran
      Very bad sign
      Israel is going to go down in one of these wars for Israel.

  5. American
    December 1, 2011, 10:31 am

    These are Orewllian times in the US. We do compromise on Israel, we compromise our own interest for it.
    It would be bad enough if these politicians were just saying this to raise money, but they go all the way and carry our their promises to the Israel donors.
    I wonder if they ever realize we hear them make these pledges on Israel or ever wonder how it strikes Americans when they hear this.

    • seafoid
      December 1, 2011, 2:18 pm

      It’s insane. 9% of Americans have no job. Another 6% have given up looking.
      And the US dances to the tune of a country of 5.5 million paranoid Zionists where one in 5 Jews is worried about food security and one in ten is actually hungry.

      • Dan Crowther
        December 1, 2011, 2:59 pm


        “On the day the hunger report was published the prime minister was in Eilat. The mountains surrounding it were full of Border Police, a blimp hovered in the sky, the city was like a fortress, the hotel where he spoke was like a citadel, and Benjamin Netanyahu walked around as usual surrounded by dozens of armed and ridiculous tough guys. That also costs us money, and we don’t even ask how much, why and at the expense of what. “

      • suzannedk
        December 4, 2011, 12:37 pm

        In 2008 43 million U.S. citizens did not have enough food, In 2011 50 million U.S. citizens do not have enough food. There are millions of very small children living in the United States who raid trashcans for food. These figures are not in the news nor in available videos nor television talk shows. Some famous and very wealthy Hollywood actors are setting up funds to hand out free food to stop the starvation of the children. Only if one of them on a talk show is asked are these funds or the starving U.S. children ever mentioned.

        When I lived in Detroit Michigan in 2008 the unemployment rate there by the Auto Worker’s Union reckoning was 50%. The figures of all the circulating newspapers was less than half of 50%. Suzanne

        Timothy Geithner of Goldman Sachs, advising US President Obama on fiscal management is on his way to advise each US NATO colony country leader to ‘get their act together’ from the fiscal austerity measures necessary to save their countries after Goldman Sachs flooded the world with bad debts. More than 73 trillion US dollars worth in one year since 9/11. Next September 2012 it will be 12 years.

  6. HarryLaw
    December 1, 2011, 10:57 am

    Just how America’s ally in the middle east will deal with dissenting voices on the internet came today from the Knesset and this is a warning to all posters of comments critical of Israeli politicians,like Mondoweiss,you know who you are. A bill moving forward in the Knesset and supported by both the ruling coalition and opposition, imposes serious restrictions on the posting of comments in online forums,and allows MP’s to sue any poster even anonymous ones in Israeli courts for any comment which they believe is designed to “damage” their positions [“Talkback Law Haaretz 01-12-2011]. Let me make my position clear I have never referred to Avignor Lieberman as a Fascist thug, guilty of proposing war crimes and crimes against humanity, I was referring to his opponents obviously. In my opinion the kindly, inoffensive and may I say misunderstood Herr Lieberman is the best thing to have happened to Israels legitimacy, hope he keeps it up, no don’t laugh,can I visit Israel now.

    • annie
      December 1, 2011, 11:11 am

      harry, it’s not just in israel. read enemy of the state.



      (1) notes the important role that Greece has played in the wider European, Eurasian, and Middle Eastern regions, and in the community of nations by promoting, peace, freedom, democracy, and security; and(2) stands behind Israel for its sovereign right to defend its citizens and its territory, and specifically for its actions to prevent the import of offensive weaponry into the hands of Hamas, Palestinian Jihad, and other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

      It is the sense of Congress that the United States should take appropriate diplomatic steps to express gratitude to Greece for upholding the rule of law in preventing hostile forces from violating a legal naval blockade of Gaza by Israel and thereby advancing the security of its ally Israel.

      SEC. 4. REPORT.
      (a) In General- Not later than six months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall submit to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate a report on whether any support organization that participated in the planning or execution of the recent Gaza flotilla attempt should be designated as a foreign terrorist organization pursuant to section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189).

      (b) Contents- The report required under subsection (a) shall include information on the following:

      The sources of any logistical, technical, or financial support for the Gaza flotilla ships, including the Audacity of Hope, that were set to set sail from Greece on July 1, 2011.
      Any actions taken by the Department of State to express support and gratitude for the principled stance taken by the Government of Greece to prevent the recent Gaza flotilla attempt to violate Israel’s lawful blockade of Gaza.

      • seafoid
        December 1, 2011, 11:50 am


        The lobby is so autistic now. They can’t stop . All of this BS reminds me of what they did over Finkelstein’s tenure. Everything must be destroyed. It’s going to rebound really badly on them .

        economist Robert Solow once said “Everything reminds Milton Friedman of the money supply. Everything reminds me of sex, but I try to keep it out of my papers.”

        Everything reminds the Zionists of how fragile their hold on Israel really is.

      • dumvitaestspesest
        December 1, 2011, 12:16 pm

        In psychology , there is a term for a certain, uncommon disorder.

        It is called DELUSIONAL DISORDER , with a few Sub-Types, some of them are worth mentioning.

        GRANDIOSE TYPE: delusion of INFLATED WORTH, power, knowledge, identity or believes himself/herself to be a famous person, claiming the actual person is an impostor or an impersonator.
        PERSECUTORY TYPE: This delusion is a common subtype. It includes the belief that the person (or someone to whom the person is close) is being malevolently treated in some way. The patient may believe that he/she has been drugged, spied-on, harassed and so on, and may seek “justice” by making police reports, taking court action or even ACTING VIOLENTLY.

        (Lippincott, 2008).[5]

        MIXED TYPE: delusions with characteristics of more than one of the above types but with no one theme predominating.
        SUPERNATURAL TYPE: The individual OR group believe in the presence of an UNIDENTIFIABLE FORCE or HIGHER POWER, the individuals may become HOSTILE if their beliefs are challanged, this type of the spectrum is considered the most common.

      • split
        December 1, 2011, 1:33 pm

        ‘The lobby is so autistic now. They can’t stop’ – Just like the one in Weimar republic and look how fast their reign ended and how ,…

      • dumvitaestspesest
        December 1, 2011, 1:56 pm

        Very interesting spectrum of mental problems.
        Israel is feeding its children with Grandiose/Persecutory Dellusions.
        The Aipac Lobby in the state of Autism (combined with and Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder).
        The American society ( including its politicians) suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder ,now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

      • HarryLaw
        December 1, 2011, 11:59 am


        If the Secretary of State in her report does deem any support group that participated in the Gaza flotilla a foreign terrorist organisation,then if I contributed any money to this nobel enterprise even 1 penny I could be found guilty of material support for terrorism and like that Holy Landfoundation participant sentenced to 65 years in jail or worse. We live in Orwellian times.

      • lysias
        December 1, 2011, 2:13 pm

        Under the Defense Authorization bill about to be passed by the Senate, anyone that the U.S. military deems a terrorist can be held indefinitely incommunicado at a secret detention site.

      • Woody Tanaka
        December 1, 2011, 2:26 pm

        “Under the Defense Authorization bill about to be passed by the Senate, anyone that the U.S. military deems a terrorist can be held indefinitely incommunicado at a secret detention site.”

        Land of the free, home of the brave. Spit.

      • American
        December 1, 2011, 12:33 pm

        In the last two congresses they have written an average of 4 bills and or resolutions A WEEK dealing with Israel.
        Dont’ believe it? Go to govtrac.us/ and tally them up.

  7. seafoid
    December 1, 2011, 11:47 am

    How is Israel the US’s “most important ally” ? How much trade does it generate ? How many US jobs? What diplomatic support does it provide ? Can pregnant US citizens enter Israel without being strip searched and x rayed?

    Israel is like the Wizard of Oz. One big con job.

    • Chaos4700
      December 1, 2011, 12:50 pm

      At least the Wizard of Oz was a harmless crank who got lost, and was only too happy to surrender his false claim of rulership over a land to which he was foreign when he had the chance to return home. That can’t exactly be equated to Israel.

      • seafoid
        December 1, 2011, 1:27 pm

        It’s like some feudal village where Israel is the fat kid everyone hates but he has the right to sleep with any man’s wife because he’s a Brahmin.

  8. HarryLaw
    December 1, 2011, 12:47 pm

    It must be said that if the organisers of the flotilla are to be designated terrorist organisations by the secretary of state and I admit to giving to a collection for it through cyber space, even one penny, I could be found guilty of material support for terrorism, and because of the unequal extradition laws operating between the UK and USA I could be extradited without the US having to make a prima facia case. Did I contribute? I’m not saying, I will not make G W Bush’ mistake of admitting to torture on tv, remind me how many years did he get for that?

  9. Justice Please
    December 1, 2011, 1:01 pm

    Obama should be prosecuted immediately for treason. He stood still when the Israeli military killed Furkan Dogan, a US citizen, in international waters. Obama essentially surrendered his duty to protect all American citizens to the will of a foreign country. By surrendering that duty, he stopped acting as the lawful president of the United States.

    You wouldn’t keep a gardener if he didn’t respect his contract-enshrined duties, right? So why keep a president if he doesn’t fulfill his contract with the people?

    • lysias
      December 1, 2011, 2:36 pm

      LBJ didn’t just stand still when the Israelis were murdering 34 U.S. Navy sailors on the USS Liberty, he called back the U.S. planes that were flying to the rescue of the Liberty.

      • Justice Please
        December 3, 2011, 11:51 am

        LBJ didn’t want to get the “Dallas treatment”.

  10. split
    December 1, 2011, 1:13 pm

    It doesn’t matter anymore who wrote the Ben Franklin Prophecy and if is ligit or counterfeit, what matters is that that the picture painted there is becoming a reality and I don’t like it.

  11. yourstruly
    December 1, 2011, 2:34 pm

    so for a nere $300,000 to his political campaign president obama agrees to continue putting the interests of israel before those of the u.s. of a.? israel-firsters buying america for such a paltry sum? makes jefferson with his louisiana purchase look like a spendthrift.

  12. DICKERSON3870
    December 1, 2011, 5:22 pm

    RE: “This is about the mother’s milk of politics.” ~ Weiss

    REFERENCE: “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” ~ Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh (in 1966), Speaker of the California Assembly from 1961 to 1968

    Jesse M. Unruh – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_M._Unruh

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