Funny and not-funny responses to misguided Israeli ad campaign

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More on the disgusting Israeli ad campaign telling Israelis to come home. The above spoof is from Ilene Cohen (via Jeffrey Goldberg). And this is from Roger Cohen:

My third reaction is that it’s all very well for the Jewish Federations of North America to find the ads insulting, but I’d be pleased if they could reserve a little of their outrage for times when Israeli insensitivity or arrogance takes more violent form — as is frequently the case with Palestinians in the West Bank.

Jonathan Freedland, a Guardian columnist, visited Hebron recently and published a piece called “This Is Israel? Not the One I Love” in London’s Jewish Chronicle. He wrote of Hebron:

“A map shows purple roads where no Palestinian cars are permitted, yellow roads where no Palestinian shops are allowed to open and red roads where no Palestinians are even allowed to walk.”

He added, “I watched an old man, a bag of cement on his shoulder, ascend a steep bypass staircase because his feet were forbidden from going any farther along the road. Those unlucky enough to live on a red road have had their front doors sealed: They have to leave their own houses by a back door and climb out via a ladder. All this has made life so impossible that an estimated 42 percent of the families who once lived in this central part of town have now moved out.”

Israelis walk on streets full of vile anti-Arab graffiti and shuttered Arab stores daubed with Stars of David. “To see that cherished symbol used to spit in the eye of a population hounded out of their homes is chilling,” Freedland writes.

This is happening behind the wall-barrier-fence. It is the result of an untenable status quo involving the corrosive dominion of one people over another.

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  1. Cliff
    December 5, 2011, 2:35 pm

    Let me pretend to be hophmi:

    Blah blah, but in Darfur, people would cut your face off if you were not part of the majority so Palestinians have it easy. Stop focusing on Israel. Antisemite. Blah blah.

  2. W.Jones
    December 5, 2011, 9:23 pm

    Hey wait a minute. Isn’t it a major goal to achieve demographic superiority over the Palestinians, and one of the major tactics for this was the attraction of Russian immigrants?

    The latest wave of immigrants was from Russia. Why are they targeting in America, as opposed to Russia?

    I don’t want to be judgmental, because there is enough anti-immigrant sentiment in America to varying degrees and has been for a very long time. But still, the strategy is confusing, even from their own perspective.

  3. ToivoS
    December 5, 2011, 10:14 pm

    These are interesting comments from Jonathan Freedland, I used to read his columns. He is quite supportive of Israel. A few years back he wrote a column criticizing some anti-Israeli actions as being antisemitic. I wrote to him questioning some of his points. He answered and was quite gracious in acknowledging my objection. I am glad to see him directly talking about the Palestinians in this way now.

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