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Mondoweiss has grown a lot with your help. Here are some logos from the past five years.

As you all know, the last year has seen incredible changes in the conversation about Israel/Palestine. The Arab Spring, Palestinian statehood initiative and Gaza flotillas (and flytilla) have brought world attention to Palestinian conditions. Even the United States is waking up. Our newspapers are beginning to grapple with apartheid conditions in the West Bank, the nonviolent movement for human rights in Palestine, and calls for a single democracy in Israel/Palestine.

Our site has played an important role in this awakening. With our relentless focus on the Israeli occupation and the effects of the occupation on US foreign policy, we have forced ourselves into the American discussion—putting pressure on mainstream publications to begin to acknowledge the realities of the conflict in US public life.

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in Gaza
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But this process is just beginning. We need your help to continue this important work, so please make a tax-deductible donation to our semi-annual fundraiser.

This has been a banner year for us. Our traffic continues to grow, and lately we have taken the huge step of bringing on two paid staffers in a dogged effort to professionalize the site. This is your achievement. This site would be nowhere without readers’ financial support, which has sustained us, and without the vital comment section, where many informed readers share their knowledge of the conflict.

Please help us keep the momentum!

Our target is $40,000. And half of that is matching funds from generous large donors. So we need $20,000 from readers during this holiday season. Our reader fundraising drives account for nearly half our yearly budget, the rest comes from individual donors. We do not receive finding from foundations or organizations.
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Any donation of $60 will make you a subscriber, and put a star next to your name as a commenter. And we have a great gift to offer. For all donations of $100 and more we will send you a copy of Joe Sacco’s beautiful graphic novel, Footnotes in Gaza. Sacco’s book chronicles the massacre of 111 Palestinians by Israeli forces in the Gaza towns of Rafah and Khan Younis in 1956. (We ran an excerpt when the book came out.) The fundraiser ends January 1, 2012 and we will send the books out by the end of January.

And thank you! Thanks for your financial support, and thanks for reading this site and writing for it. You are the reason we are growing, and the conversation is changing.

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