Mustafa Tamimi has died

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Pictured left is activist Linah Alsaafin and center is Ola Tamimi, the martyr’s sister, after her brother was shot by the IDF.  (Photo: Anne Paq/

RIP, Mustafa Tamimi

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Mustafa Tamimi, a 28 year old resident of Nabi Saleh died from injuries sustained after an Israeli soldier shot him in the face with a tear gas canister.  The impact blew off half of Tamimi’s face, and when his friends and family cried out in horror, Israeli soldiers laughed and said, “So?”.  According to B’Tselem, Tamimi is the 20th person to have been killed in demonstrations in the West Bank in the last eight years.

Video of Tamimi laying injured and unconscious after the attack (extremely graphic):

Video of Ola Tamimi begging to go see her brother after he was shot. The Israeli soldiers didn’t let her go. Only his mother was allowed to go to hospital, and only after she received a permit which took some time.

From Max Blumenthal in 2010

What are Israeli soldiers doing in Nabi Saleh in the first place? The village has been besieged by its neighbors from the religious nationalist Israeli settlement of Halamish since Halamish was constructed in 1977 on land privately owned by Nabi Saleh’s residents. Recently, the settlers seized control of a fresh water spring that has belonged to Nabi Saleh since the village was built in the 19th century. In December 2009, the settlers uprooted hundreds of the village’s olive trees in an attempt to re-annex land awarded back to Nabi Saleh in an Israeli court case. Since then, farmers from Nabi Saleh have been subjected to routine attacks by settlers and prevented from working their land. The Israeli army has come down firmly on the side of Halamish, suppressing the demonstrations with disproportionate force while doing little, if anything, to prevent settler violence. But if the spirit of Nabi Saleh’s young demonstrators are any indication, the army has a long way to go before it breaks the villagers’ will.

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