VIDEO: Israeli soldiers attack against women at Mustafa Tamimi’s funeral

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We were over the metal rink, on the road now. The spring was only across the road. The soldiers began shoving and pushing us, as we continued to demand justice for Mustafa’s murder. Sound bombs were thrown right next to us. Then we saw one international activist lying face down on the ground, his hands tied behind him. We tried to stop the soldiers from taking him with our bodies. They shoved us roughly. We screamed back. I felt a rifle butt hit me on the forehead. The commander came over and said we had five minutes to clear off. I told him we wouldn’t and for them to clear off. He pointed at me and ordered for my arrest. I felt myself being dragged by two soldiers and my biggest fear was that if my parents found out I could kiss this world goodbye. Then I felt someone grab my legs, someone else around my waist, and we all collapsed to the ground. The girls, my fellow activists, my sisters were clinging to me as hard as they could, preventing the soldiers from taking me.

Family of man killed by tear gas canister to sue Israeli army
Ramallah: The family of Mustafa Tamimi will sue the Israeli army following the death of the 27-year-old who was struck in the head by a tear gas canister by a soldier on Friday during a peaceful demonstration against Israeli colonial activities in the West Bank village of Al Nabi Saleh. Wrapped in a Palestinian flag, Mustafa’s body was moved from the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah to Al Nabi Saleh where thousands took part in the funeral. After Mustafa was hit with the canister, he was taken to Belinson Hospital in Israel, where he succumbed to his injuries. His body was later taken to Ramallah for burial.

Weekly Demonstration in Beit Ommar Protests the Killing of Mustafa Tamimi
On Saturday, December 11, 2011 around 40 Palestinian villagers in Beit Ommar held their weekly demonstration land close to the Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur. The villagers were joined by a group of Hebron University female students and they were also supported by Israeli and international solidarity activists.

Israeli army excuses on death of Mustafa Tamimi don’t hold up, Alex Kane
The Israel Defense Forces’ spin doctors are at it again. Haaretz reports on the Israeli military claiming that the killing of Mustafa Tamimi was an “exceptional” incident and that the soldier who fired the tear-gas canister at him “didn’t see” Tamimi “because his visual field was obscured by the gas mask he was wearing.”

Israeli officer’s tweets spark outrage 
An Israeli army officer’s controversial comments posted on Twitter about the killing of a Palestinian protester has sparked much outrage. Musafa Tamimi, 28-year-old, died soon after being hit directly in the face by an tear gas canister shot by an Israeli troop. Cal Perry reports from Jerusalem.
Ibrahim Bornat, artist and activist from Bil’in, was standing next to Mustafa Tamimi when Tamimi was shot in the head with a tear gas canister at close range by an Israeli soldier (Bornat can be seen standing directly next to Tamimi in these photos). Here is his testimony about his experiences when Mustafa was critically injured on Friday, December 9
Over two thousand people attended the funeral of Mustafa Tamimi in Nabi Saleh today.  Tamimi was killed during a protest in Nabi Saleh on Friday after he was struck in the face by a tear gas canister fired at close range by the Israeli military.  He was 28 years old. At least six people were arrested and several people were injured as the Israeli military reacted violently to protests following the funeral.  Despite the nature of Tamimi’s death, the Israeli military continued the practice of  firing tear gas canisters directly at  protesters.  Although it is permissible to fire tear gas canisters in an arc to disperse demonstrations, it is forbidden to use them as weapons by firing them directly at protesters.
Ibrahim Bornat, artist and activist from Bil’in, was standing next to Mustafa Tamimi when Tamimi was shot in the head with a tear gas canister at close range by an Israeli soldier (Bornat can be seen standing directly next to Tamimi in the now iconic photos on the right). Ibrahim is himself no stranger to the resistance. Since 2000, he has been in the hospital 83 times for injuries sustained by the Israeli military during demonstrations, and has been arrested five times. Here is his testimony about his experiences when Mustafa was critically injured on Friday, December 10. It was translated by Rena Hamadah, a Palestinian-Canadian activist in the West Bank.

The army spokesman was right – Mustafa died because he threw stones; he died because he dared to speak a truth, with his hands, in a place where the truth is forbidden.

The Lede Blog: After Fatal Shooting of Palestinian, Israeli Soldiers Defended Use of Force Online, ROBERT MACKEY
After a Palestinian protester was shot in the face by a tear gas shell fired from an Israeli military vehicle in the West Bank on Friday, soldiers who speak for Israel’s army responded to critics on Twitter.

Land, Property Theft & Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Apartheid / Refugees
Record number of Palestinians displaced by demolitions as Quartet continues to talk
Israeli authorities have stepped up unlawful demolitions in the West Bank including East Jerusalem over the past year, displacing a record number of Palestinian families from their homes, an international coalition of 20 leading aid agencies and human rights groups said today. The statement comes as the Middle East Quartet meets in Jerusalem in its latest effort to revive peace talks. The sharp rise in demolitions in 2011 has been accompanied by accelerated expansion of Israeli settlements and an escalation of violence perpetrated by settlers, the groups said.

IOF troops demolish four Palestinian homes without prior notice
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) razed four Palestinian homes in Makhrur area in Beit Jala town to the north of Bethlehem on Tuesday without prior notice, local sources said.


OCHA: Israel razed 22 Palestinian buildings in less than a week
The UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs said the IOA in less than one week demolished 22 Palestinian buildings and homes in the in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Official: Israeli authorities order farmers to stop work on land
SALFIT (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities handed orders to five Palestinian farmers on Monday forbidding them from cultivating their land because it is considered “public property of the government of Israel,” a local official said. The mayor of Qarawat Bani Hassan village near Salfit called on the Palestinian Authority to end attacks on village lands by both the Israeli government and settlers. Yousif Said Miry, Nadir Mustafa Miry, Sabir Mustafa Miry, Khadir Ismail Miry and Samih Ibrahim Asi all possess documentation and deeds proving that they own the land, the mayor added. The local municipality secretary Husam Asi said that the farmers were given 45 days to present their case in front of Israeli courts.

Qalandia: White sky of tear gas looms over apartheid wall construction
Peaceful protesters came face to face with Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Qalandia on Friday before soldiers began to fire tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at the civilian group including children, women, and elders. Qalandia village is protesting the construction of the apartheid wall that will cut through their land. Following the Friday prayer, a procession marched down a dirt path flattened by Israeli bulldozers to a fenced in area where the bulldozers were parked. Two jeeps full of soldiers were quick to arrive and met the march at the fence.

AIC video: Portrait of a Palestinian farmer in Israeli-controlled Area C
Ali Soleiman Daoud lives in Beit Einun, which is two kilometers from Hebron in Israeli-controlled Area C. He struggles to make a living as a grape farmer. But he faces many obstacles: checkpoints where his crops are delayed for days on end, spoiling inside of trucks; restrictions on water usage–including a ban on wells; and prohibitions against building.

‘NYT’ continues to fiddle with the Nakba, Allison Deger

Last week, we reported on an article by the Learning Center, in the New York Times (NYT), where the NYTcensored coverage of the Palestinian Nakba, due to “reader comments.” The NYT removed the word “expelled” and other words from the description, altering the narrative of events–implying that Palestinian refugees fled, and were not driven out of their homes/villages by pre-state para-military groups.  The article also made alterations suggesting Arab armies invaded before the Zionist para-military attacks, rather than “soon” after, as originally reported.


New film documents resilience of Bedouin village destroyed 30 times, Nora Barrows-Friedman
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours talks to The Electronic Intifada about her new film focusing on the Bedouin village of al-Araqib and the women, men and children who resist displacement by the Israeli government and the Jewish National Fund.


AICafe 13.12.11: Health care in Palestine, the experience of a pediatric cardiologist in Jerusalem
Please join us at the AICafe on Tuesday, December 13, at 8:00pm, for a lecture and discussion on health care in Palestine: political implications and alternative strategies–the example of Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Stefano Luisi and Steve Sosebee, PCRF co-founder, will speak.

For the past sixty-three years, millions of Palestinians have lived as refugees in areas of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and in surroundingcountries. The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) describes their plight as “by far the most protracted and largest of all refugee problems in the world today.” Three-quarters of all eleven million Palestinians throughout the world are refugees, though their plight is often ignored. Many key issues in the Middle East, political and humanitarian, arose as a consequence of Israel’s denial of the right of refugees to return to their land.

Israeli Violence

Mizan: IOF soldiers killed 30 Palestinians in one year including 16 children
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed 30 Palestinians including 16 children and two women in the period from 10-12-2010 to 10-12-2011, the Mizan center for human rights said.

Two Palestinians including child wounded in IOF incursion
A Palestinian child and a man were wounded when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) entered central Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning amidst random firing, local sources said.

Jewish settlers throw stones at Palestinian cars, injure baby girl
Jewish settlers threw stones at a Palestinian car east of Qalqilia on Tuesday injuring three civilians including a year and a half old baby girl, local sources said.

Palestinians in Bab El-Amud neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem were infuriated to witness Israeli policemen savagely assaulting an 8-year-old child, and threw stones at them.


Israeli forces abduct child from Al-Bustan
 A 12-year old child was abducted by Israeli forces from Al-Bustan district of Silwan on Friday afternoon, 9 December. Shalodee Ham was taken by troops whilst on his way back from visiting a Silwan community center. The abduction is the recent in an escalating number of arrests by Israeli forces throughout Silwan in recent days. Residents fear that the wave of arrests are pre-emptive of a more serious crackdown.> progress in Silwan.

Israeli intelligence ‘detains Gazan man in Sinai’
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Gazan man was detained by Israeli forces in the Egyptian Sinai on Tuesday and taken to Israel for interrogation, a close friend of his family told Ma’an. The Palestinian Authority liaison department confirmed that a Gazan had been detained by Israeli forces, but could not provide further details. The family friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told Ma’an that Israel’s secret service had telephoned the family to notify them of the incident.

Israeli army detains 14 in dawn raids across West Bank
JENIN (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained 14 people early Tuesday morning in home raids across the West Bank, the army said. An Israeli military spokesman told Ma’an that 14 “wanted Palestinians” were taken for security questioning, including four from Jenin. Locals said soldiers raided Jenin refugee camp and detained two brothers Abdul Salam Abu al-Hayja, 32, and Hamza, 20, after ransacking their home. Their father, Hamas leader Jamal Abu Al-Hayja, is serving a life sentence in an Israeli jail. Mahmoud Tawahin, 21, was also detained from the camp, locals said.

Report: The IOF kidnapped 50 Palestinians in Al-Khalil last month
The Palestinian prisoner society said the IOF kidnapped during last November 50 Palestinians including three children, four students and six patients in Al-Khalil city and its adjacent areas.

IOF soldiers arrest sons of detained Hamas leader
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed the family home of detained Hamas leader Sheikh Jamal Abul Haija in Jenin refugee camp in a pre-dawn raid on Tuesday and took away his teenage son Hamza.


Int’l campaign for jailed MPs demands int’l protection for Toteh and Abu Arafa
The international campaign for releasing the abducted members of parliament called on the international community to move to prevent the IOF from storming the Red Cross building in occupied Jerusalem.


Appeal to Doctors Without Borders and Red Cross to save life of detainee
The family of Palestinian prisoner Ali Da’na, 34, appealed to Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross to urgently save the life of their son who suffers from serious health problems.

Preparations For Second Phase Of Swap Deal To Start Tuesday
Member of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, Saleh al-Aroury, stated that the Israeli army will start gathering all Palestinian detainees scheduled to be released under second and final phase of the prisoner-swap deal that was reached on October 11, between Israel and the Hamas movement.

Since locked down and isolated by Israel, Gaza’s experienced systemic crisis. Its health system especially was gravely harmed.

Three export tales
Wadah Bassiso, a prominent businessman in the furniture industry who lives in Gaza, was granted a rare opportunity. He was to be the first person to export furniture from Gaza since the year 2007. But the opportunity came and went. Shortly before he was to begin exporting his furniture to the Czech Republic, Bassiso’s factory burned to the ground. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.
Racism / Discrimination / Homophobia / Sexism

Israeli democracy watch: local university to host meeting discussing religious regulations for killing gentiles

After Haifa University canceled a lecture on the book “King’s Torah” (Torat HaMelech)–which discusses religious regulations on killing non-Jews–the event will be held Monday, December 12, 2011 at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.


Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it, Ali Abunimah
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz mysteriously removed from its website an article exposing atrocious Israeli racism against black people just hours after it was published. The rally itself was caught on video.


Legal researcher on Israel: “Segregation within segregation within segregation”
When people discuss apartheid in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), they tend to talk about the discrimination against the Palestinians on both sides of the separation barrier. Simone O’Brien, a legal researcher at Badil, proposes a more complex approach to the subject.


Plight of gays in Israel
“Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir park, the home of the city’s gay community center, is meant to be a safe place for the city’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents. But in recent months the site has become a dangerous place.  ”There’s too much violence here. Groups are going around with pocket knives. People are afraid to go into the park,” said a 17-year-old member of the organization Israel Gay Youth. “I have a lot of friends who are afraid to pass through this area. I’m afraid to go there, too, and this is supposed to be the gay park.””  Of course, the plight of gays in Israel has never been good but assuming it is–which is not–some American liberals basically make this argument: sure Israeli kill Palestinian women and children regularly, and sure Israel has uprooted a nation, but it treats gays well–not that it does, of course.

Yishai downplays issue of women’s exclusion
Interior Minister believes that phenomenon of excluding women from public sphere is marginal, receives excessive public coverage.,7340,L-4161114,00.html
Haredi group ‘asks’ shops in Sderot to tell female employees to dress ‘dignified’; dress code also applies to ads and notices for the businesses.
Activism / Solidarity / Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Activists are preparing for a major international solidarity march next year, organizers said as a preparatory conference was set to open on Monday. Arab and international solidarity groups from more than 20 countries will gather in Amman to prepare for the march to Palestine from neighboring countries, slated for March 30, or Land Day, in 2012.

December 9, 2011, marked the twenty-fourth anniversary of the first Intifada.  The day is typically not commemorated in Palestinian society; however, this year, #Intifada1 is trendingon Twitter and social network sites, where Palestinians around the world are remembering the first uprising, or “shaking off,” by tweeting about this time in Palestinian history. 


Ads calling for end to aid to Israel return to Bay Area subways, buses, Henry Norr

The solidarity activists who have been challenging public-transportation riders in the Bay Area to take a new look at the Israel-Palestine issue are at it again.

Israeli Hasbara Minister Edelstein Patrols Park Slope’s Mean Streets on Lookout for BDS and Delegitimizers, Richard Silverstein

The residents of upscale Park Slope (Brooklyn) will no doubt feel reassured that Israel’s Hasbara Minister, Yuli Edelstein, traveled all the way from the State of the Jews to defend the good citizens from the depredations of the BDS movement seeking to turn the neighborhood’s food coop into a Judenrein bastion of the Delegitimizers.
Political Development / News / Other News
Palestinian flag raised at UNESCO after admission
The Palestinian flag was raised for the first time on Tuesday above a UN agency, the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, in a diplomatic victory won despite stiff resistance from the US and Israel. President Mahmud Abbas looked on as the flag was raised and the Palestinian anthem played, just weeks after Palestine won admission to UNESCO in move that sparked fury and reprisals fromWashington and Israel. “President Abbas wants to show the importance he attaches to UNESCO,” a Palestinian diplomat said ahead of the ceremony. “And this is the first time that the flag will be flown at the headquarters of a UN institution.” UNESCO said the flag-hoisting was a symbolic ceremony “to mark Palestine’s admission to the organisation” that takes place each time a new member joins.

Senior Israeli: Arabs not ready for democracy (AP)
AP – Israel’s vice premier declared Monday that many Arab countries aren’t ready for democracy — a comment sure to rankle many in the Middle East, where thousands have died and thousands more have risked their lives in uprisings against brutal dictators.

Gingrich would “instruct” CIA to “hunt down” freed Palestinian prisoners, Ali Abunimah
US presidential hopeful and former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, has said that he would instruct the CIA to hunt down Palestinian prisoners released last October in an exchange negotiated by Israel and Hamas, presumably to kill them.


IDF ponders how to handle mass burial scenario
Home Front Command asks Chief Rabbinate whether to bury soldiers, civilians who might be killed in possible rocket attack in temporary graves or transfer bodies to cooling facilities.

UK urges Bahrain to embrace reform after protests
AP – British Prime Minister David Cameron urged Bahrain’s king on Monday to quickly implement reforms recommended in a scathing report into human rights abuses during the Arab nation’s uprising.


Bahrain murder
A child victim in Bahrain.  Arab League is unaware.

During the period of the 1940s through the 1960s, regime forces and oil company private security contractors violently crushed anti-colonial and anti-imperialist protest movements in places like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (among many others), with the explicit approval of and material support from London and Washington D.C. In Saudi Arabia, counter-revolutionary forces decimated these twentieth-century popular leftist and nationalist movements. They also thwarted several attempts at orchestrating anti-regime coups or implementing a constitutional monarchy. However, in Bahrain, the ruling family was not as successful, despite Saudi, British, and US support. Consequently, Bahrain continued to witness democratic liberation and constitutional movements throughout the decades, culminating in this year’s February 14 Uprising. This historical connection is often severed in mainstream western and Arab media, which often posit the current uprising as an exception in Bahrain’s history, often depicting it along purely sectarian and conspiratorial lines.

“Politically Sacked Bahraini Workers Appeal for Solidarity”
Over 1,000 Bahraini workers sacked for political reasons held a protest in front of the Labor Ministry in Isa Town, Bahrain on 11 December 2011. The number of workers sacked by the Bahraini regime in its attempt to quell the uprising that began on 14 February 2011 is estimated to be about 4,500.

Israeli fighter jets penetrated deep into Lebanese airspace on Monday morning, startling residents as the jets flew over the capital Beirut, witnesses said. Four Israeli jets were seen flying over the southern Lebanese towns of Bint Jbeil at 9.40am, and Jezzine and Iklim el Toufah at roughly 10am, Lebanon’s official news agency, NNA, reported. Witnesses also saw the warplanes hover above Beirut.

Hezbollah identifies undercover CIA officers (AP)
AP – The militant group Hezbollah has revealed the identities of CIA officers working undercover in Lebanon, a blow to agency operations in the region and the latest salvo in an escalating spy war.

Turmoil in Syria as death toll tops 5,000
A day of turmoil has swept across Syria on Tuesday with reports of multiple incidents from various regions, including another gas pipeline explosion near the restive city of Homs. Syria’s official news agency, SANA, reported a large blast ripping through the pipeline overnight near the town of Rastan in the Homs province, blaming “terrorists” for the attack. “An armed terrorist group in Homs bombed the gas pipeline near Rastan which caused explosions and fires in the pipeline at the point of bombing,” SANA said.

Syrians closed their businesses in several parts of the country Monday in a show of civil disobedience as activists reported new and fierce round of clashes.

Multiple narratives of sectarian strife, resilient resistance to the regime, and conspiracy are circulating in Homs, home to the latest scene of confrontation between the regime and the forces of the uprising


Obama concedes different view with Iraq on Syria (AP)
AP – President Barack Obama says Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s position on Syria — that he does not have the right to ask Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down — is based on what’s best for Iraq and not influenced by Iran.


Digging up mass graves may heal Iraq war wounds 
Reuters – In the shadow of an earthen dam and buried under rubble and trash scattered across the al-Sadah waste ground lies one of the most frightening places in Baghdad at the peak of Iraq’s sectarian slaughter.

Other Mideast

New Israeli ambassador arrives in Egypt
Yaakov Amitai will join a small number of Israeli diplomatic staff still in Cairo, as staff continues search for new building.

Former dissident becomes Tunisian president
Moncef Marzouki was Ben Ali’s bete noire throughout his political career and was forced to live in exile in France.

Saudi woman executed for practising sorcery
Chief of religious police is said to have claimed the woman, in her 60s, tricked people into believing she could treat illnesses. Saudi authorities have executed a woman convicted of practising magic and sorcery. The Saudi interior ministry said in a statement that the execution had taken place on Monday, but gave no details of the woman’s crime.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak says in Vienna that steps should be taken to target Iranian oil trade and central bank.
Iran will reverse-engineer the US drone it has in its possession, and is in the “final stages” of unlocking the aircraft’s software secrets, the head of Iran’s parliamentary national security committee said on Monday. ”Our next action will be to reverse-engineer the aircraft,” Parviz Sorouri said, according to the website of Iranian state television. ”In the near future, we will be able to mass produce it…. Iranian engineers will soon build an aircraft superior to the American (drone) using reverse engineering,” he was quoted as saying.

U.S. asks Iran to return spy drone
The Defense secretary says he doesn’t expect Tehran to comply. Iran says it is planning to clone and mass produce the bat-winged craft for use against its enemies.The Obama administration has sent a formal diplomatic request asking Iran to return the radar-evading drone aircraft that crashed on a CIA spying mission this month, but U.S. officials say they don’t expect Iran will comply.,0,740417.story

Iran dismisses Obama request for US drone return
Iran dismissed on Tuesday a request by US President Barack Obama for the return of a US drone downed in Iranian territory. A foreign ministry spokesman insisted the drone violated Iranian airspace, and expected an official apology from Washington. “It seems he (Obama) has forgotten that Iran’s airspace was violated, spying operations were undertaken, international laws were violated, and that Iran’s internal affairs were interfered with,” spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in his regular media briefing, according to Fars news agency.

Iran will strike Turkey’s NATO shield if attacked
A prominent Iranian MP has warned Turkey its NATO missile shield will be among the first targets hit if Iran is attacked, Fars news agency reported on Tuesday. Hossein Ebrahimi, Vice-Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, said in an interview with the Iranian Sharq newspaper that an Iranian strike on NATO targets in Turkey is a “natural right.” “In the case of an attack against us, defending is our natural right,” Ebrahimi said.
Israel moved to distance itself from suggestions it is cooperating with the exiled Iranian group MEK, as tensions continue to rise with Iran over the latter’s nuclear program. The MEK, also known as the People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI) and the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation (MKO), is reviled in Iran and listed as a terrorist organization in Washington. The group sided with Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, and helped expose the country’s controversial nuclear program in 2002.

Analysis / Op-ed

Lowe’s faces boycott after pulling ads from ‘TLC’ show on Muslims, Alex Kane

The home improvement chain Lowe’s has come under fierce criticism for pulling its advertisements from the TLC reality show “All-American Muslim” after a right-wing Christian group pressured the company. In response, calls for a boycott of Lowe’s have grown, and nearly 8,000 people have signed a petition (myself included) calling on other companies targeted by anti-Muslim groups to “publicly repudiate calls to stop advertising during TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim.'”
On Friday night Anderson Cooper did a scathing piece based on reports that Syria has killed 256 children during the uprisings. Many of these children’s “only crime was being at home,” Cooper said. ”So many children have died it risks becoming mundane.” Do I need to remind readers how many children were killed in 22 days in Gaza– nearly 400.

Who Will Watch the (Pro-Israeli) Watchdog?, Maidhc Ó Cathail
On December 2, the Geneva-based UN Watch welcomed that day’s ‘strong condemnation’ of Syria by a UN Human Rights Council emergency session, and its establishment of a special rapporteur to monitor the situation there following what it called “a global campaign to create the post by a coalition of prominent democracy dissidents and human rights groups” led by UN Watch itself. The non-governmental organization, whose self-appointed mandate is “to monitor the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter,” expressed regret, however, that the UNHRC resolution “paid special deference” to Syria’s “territorial integrity” and “political independence,” decrying the provision as “a clear jab at NATO’s intervention in Libya, and a pre-emptive strike against the principle of the international community’s responsibility to protect civilians under assault.”


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