Welcome Annie Robbins as Writer at Large

Annie Robbins

There have been lots of good changes around here in the last couple weeks, and here is another: Annie Robbins, who has long worked with us in a behind the scenes way as annie, has agreed to take on a more public role, as Writer at Large for Mondoweiss.

Annie needs little introduction. Regular readers know how much her sincerity, her passion, and her productivity have helped to build this site. Still a few words.

Annie grew up in northern California. She has had chapters as an entrepreneur, a builder, and a potter. Her son hooked her up on a computer only 10 years ago, and before long she was drawn to social media, and not long after that to engagement in Middle East issues. People in the Bay Area know her as an activist, we know her for her energy, her nose for news and her eloquent voice.

Annie has been quietly working to make this site stronger for nearly two years out of the spotlight. We are delighted that she is taking a more public role.

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