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Every donation of $100 or more will get matched by an anonymous donor and get you a copy of Joe Sacco’s book Footnotes in Gaza. (Image: Joe Sacco)

Dear readers,

Our fundraiser is coming to a close in four days and we need a little bit more help! Thanks to the incredible generosity of our glorious readers, we’re close to our goal (see the counter on the right), and this is your chance to get us there, and get a tax-deduction to boot
This website doesn’t run on fumes. We need money. It used to be a labor of love. The two of us were willing to sacrifice sanity and health and lavish lifestyles for the sake of a cause–getting Americans to talk about a central foreign policy issue. But the site is nearly six years old and we still keep it fresh seven days a week and none of seeks a lavish lifestyle but we need to make this place more professional. That’s why we have our new A team (Alex, Allison and Annie, all helping out) and why we are trying to keep saner hours and why we are trying to make the posts more substantive than ever.
We need you to help out. We don’t bring a gray donation curtain over your reading experience. We don’t have popup ads with hard-to-find exit-clickers. We just run fundraisers twice a year to try and raise $40,000.
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