You call me a terrorist?

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From Fidaa Abu Assi’s blog Gaza in Words.

Look me in the eye. Do I look like a terrorist to you? Scan my features: my teary eyes, my breathless smile, my weary mind, my bleeding heart. What the hell terrorizes you? Which part of me confuses you? Fear not my hijab. I don’t hide bombs behind my ears, and I don’t think that my hair has Samson-like power, either. Fear not my stone. I got no pistol, no machine-gun, no apache, no F-16, no phosphorus bombs. It’s a stone. Only a stone. I don’t think you think I am too naive to think of throwing a stone to kill you. My stone doesn’t kill. We throw it to stop you from killing. Yet, you stop only to kill. When you robbed my land, I remain landless. Now, you want me lifeless? And hopeless? Don’t you think you were wrong when you made me your choice? No matter what, I won’t give up my Palestine. Fear only my Palestinian-identity and Gazan-personality. Fear me. I’m, and will always be, the albatross around your neck. I’m the angry Palestinian. I am the truth. The truth you fear.

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