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January 2012

In ’07, Gingrich blamed Israel for Palestinian conditions

Philip Weiss on

Newt Gingrich Seems like both Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich have moved relentlessly right on the Palestinian issue. (Yes, and why?) Here’s some more data. Tablet’s Jacob Sugarman reports that one of Obama’s rabbis on Israel/Palestine issue is, god help us, Ed Koch: On Sept. 21, 2011, hours after delivering a speech to the United […]

Tadamun: Israel detained student because of computer engineering graduate project

Today in Palestine on

Tadamun: Israel detained student because of his graduate project The international Tadamun society for human rights said the Israeli occupation forces detained about one month ago a university student from Tulkarem city because of his graduate research project. Land Theft / Land Theft & Destruction /  Restriction of Movement / Apartheid Israel plans to […]

One State, Two States: Who is the subject of Palestinian liberation?

Max Ajl on

One state or two?  Boycott of Israeli goods or goods from the settlements?  Is the lobby the genesis of American wrongdoing in Palestine or is it imperialism?  The questions — regarding vision, strategy, and analysis — produce sharp cleavages on the Left.  Indeed, generally ones much deeper than they need to be.  And they remain […]

Food journalism has played insidious role in disappearing Palestine

Philip Weiss on

Soda Stream product “Genesis” A food-loving friend writes: Yesterday you did a post on the promotion, at the popular food website Food 52, of Soda Stream, the seltzer device made in settlements in the occupied West Bank. I noticed that commenter Citizen dismissed the promotion as the work of naive “foodies.” The line between “foodies” […]

My life without a title

Yousef M. Aljamal on

Without a title, me my article and I. I have been treated badly by life. My article has been treated badly by its very readers. Nothing makes sense, why should I? Period! A new era. Years ago, I used to feel what it means to have a big brother. Nowadays, I no longer feel it. […]

Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz reveals White House – WINEP hotline

Lizzy Ratner on

Benjamin Netanyahu and Dennis Ross Last week, Haaretz’s Barak Ravid broke the story that Dennis Ross, late of the Obama administration, had never actually given up his security clearance and was still playing an outsized, and seemingly unchecked, role in advising the president. Now Ravid has a follow-up revelation that suggests just how strong the […]

Israel shuts down charitable organization, kindergarten and soccer club in Silwan

Kate on

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Apartheid Center: Israel expanding south Hebron settlement HEBRON (Ma‘an) 29 Jan — The Land Research Center said on Sunday that the Israel is expanding the Karmel settlement in south Hebron. Israeli forces have started digging on 10 dunams of the land to the south of the […]

For just $502.42 you can bash Muslims in Columbus

Susie Kneedler on

David Horowitz Everyone I know at Ohio State University, as well as in Columbus, was sickened when, last week, the student newspaper The Lantern published an ad by David Horowitz and David Greenfield, titled, “Former Leaders of the Muslim Student Association (MSA): Where Are They Now?” The ad lists people it claims are linked to […]

Opponents of Penn conference say: BDS bad, war good

Phan Nguyen on

As noted here yesterday, The Philadelphia Inquirer published two opposing opinion pieces on the upcoming BDS conference being held at the University of Pennsylvania. One piece, supporting the conference, is written by Ali Abunimah. The other, opposed to the “BDS agenda,” is written by ex-CIA director James Woolsey and Jonathan Schanzer. James Woolsey Although Woolsey […]

Raimondo: ‘Israel firster’ did not originate with neo-Nazis as Kirchick and Ackerman claim, but rather with an anti-Zionist Jew

Adam Horowitz on

Justin Raimondo with a useful corrective in While James Kirchick and Spencer Ackerman claim the term “Israel Firster” comes from an anti-Semitic newspaper in the 198os, it ends up it was coined several years earlier by anti-Zionist writer Alfred M. Lilienthal: Today’s war propagandists have figured out a way to make the issue of […]

CAP censorship is inconsistent

Philip Weiss on

Last week we picked up a report that a Democratic Party-linked thinktank, the Center for American Progress (CAP), had censored from a published article the fact that an Israeli settler was the director of a movie promoting a military strike on Iran.  Well it turns out that Eli Clifton, one of the sharp young reporters […]

Another day in the annexation: two Palestinian villages in East Jerusalem lose their connection

Allison Deger on

A few weeks ago, I covered the confiscation of land from two Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. Expropriating from Al- Isawiyah and Al-Tur, the land was re-zoned by the Jerusalem municipality for a nature reserve, which would inhibit the Jerusalem resident Palestinians from use. A legal rights group filed a petition this week to stop […]

Pamela Olson to speak in New York City tonight

(((James North))) on

Pamela Olson Members of the Palestinian solidarity community in the New York area will be delighted to learn that Pamela Olson, the author of the acclaimed Fast Times in Palestine, is appearing at 7 p.m. today, January 30, at the Half King Bar in Chelsea.  The Half King is located at 505 W. 23rd Street, […]

Claptrap from Christian Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Repulsive cartoon with Christian Zionist overtones has the president pointing at the wrong wall (says my tipster, Mark Wauck). Notice all the Muslim stuff. From Daletoons. Obama graphic

Boycott Divestment and Sodastream

Philip Weiss on

We’ve been following the Sodastreaming of America, the unique mainstream cachet of a seltzer maker made in occupied territory. Well, Food52 is a foodie blog. They’re promoting Sodastream as one of 52 essential items. “These things are life-changing.”