VIDEO: Activists protest massive new Shu’fat checkpoint

On Sunday, December 18, refugees from Shu’fat refugee camp and Israeli activists protested the opening of a new Jerusalem five-lane checkpoint.  The Alternative Information Center (AIC) notes that the checkpoint will block the 50,000 residents of Shu’fat refugee camp, from the remainder of the city. This checkpoint is part of a broader plan I posted on earlier that will all but cut the West Bank in half, and complete the physical annexation of East Jerusalem. 

Many Shu’fat refugees hold Jerusalem IDs, and the checkpoint compromises their ability to prove that Jerusalem is their “center of life.”  Under Israeli Ministry of Interior policy, Palestinians that live in Jerusalem hold residency permits, not citizenship, which can be revoked.  AIC reports:

Many of the residents hold Jerusalem residency. But to keep this status, they must prove that Jerusalem remains the ‘center’ of their life. According to activists, the checkpoint–which separates one area of Jerusalem from another, impeding freedom of movement–makes this already difficult task more difficult. Scores of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem lose their residency rights every year; 2008 marked an all-time high, with the Israeli government stripping over 4000 Palestinians of their status.

shufat idf
IDF in Shu’fat refugee camp after checkpoing protest.
(Photo: Mya Guarnieri)

The protest ended with Israeli Defense Forces entering the refugee camp “with their weapons drawn,” after firing rubber-coated metal bullets at Palestinian youth who threw stones at the checkpoint. 

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  1. “The vibrant democracy” of Israel in action , heavily supported and armed by another “vibrant democracy” of “freedom loving ” people of the USA.

  2. eGuard says:

    No Tony Blair to open it?

  3. American says:

    This guy is a US Jew who travels to Israel regularly and says it is disintegrating. He’s always been pretty honest about exactly how insane they are.

    link to

    “a fate unequaled” JD Ledell

    Much of the Israeli psych is due to the shoah. They consider it the greatest tragedy to befall a people, ever. About half the Jewish population in the world was killed, a fate unequaled. Aside from the appropriateness of this conclusion, it is one deeply embedded in Jewish Israelis. What, you might ask, does this have to do with WP? I have relatives in both the IDF and IAF and there is an attitude prevalent that anything we do to the Palestinians is not anywhere near as bad as was done to us. Consequently, bombing the civilian apartment blocks in South Beirut, far from any military action, was acceptable. Killing only 1500 Palestinians in Gaza is a drop in the bucket compared with what was done to us.
    Consequently, whatever brutality we visit upon the Palestinians is acceptably minor in comparison. I have a nephew who is a Golani captain and his orders in Gaza City during Cast Lead was under NO CIRCUMSTANCES let one of his men be captured, either dead or alive. Anything else is okay. He ordered tank fire on apartments if he saw any movement in windows with no consideration if that movement was civilian. His men would take over housing to place snipers on the top floor and keep the civilians inside to deter counter fire from Hamas. Its ironic that it was felt that Hamas would be reluctant to fire on civilian buildings, the IDF was not so deterred. Vaclav Linek – my current thinking is that the IDF launched another Cast Lead, Egypt would stay out of any direct action but the flow of weapons through the tunnels would increase. I suspect some Egyptian soldiers would defect and bring themselves and equipment to the fight. Another Cast Lead will cause Egypt to annul the treaty with Israel. JD Ledell