Again, ‘NYT’ ties anti-Zionism to white supremacism (apropos of Ron Paul)

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Frank Bruni
Frank Bruni

One great thing about the Ron Paul campaign is that it might actually politicize Zionism. The press will have to quote anti-Zionists and non-Zionists, and Americans will get to decide who has the better case. Of course so far the attention has been negative: for instance, Paul got Shlomo Sand’s book The Invention of the Jewish People on to the front page of the New York Times a week back, but linked to white supremacist texts. 

Well, here they go again: The New York Times’s Frank Bruni, on the Iowa caucuses:

Last week, Paul remained at or near the top of polls of the state’s Republicans, despite his refusal to disavow support from white supremacist and anti-Zionist groups..

What’s the group? I missed this. What anti-Zionist group was Paul working with? Then Bruni turns to a rightwinger to try and discredit Paul:

He terrifies more pragmatic conservatives like the commentator Michael Medved, who has called him “Dr. Demento.” Medved wrote in The Daily Beast last week that a strong showing by Paul in the caucuses and beyond would be “disastrous to Republican prospects,” validating the impression that “today’s Republicans have become a wild and crazy bunch, harboring oddball, irresponsible notions that place them far outside the American mainstream and make them untrustworthy when it comes to the serious business of governance.”

What does more practical mean? Medved is a pro-Israel guy. That’s why he doesn’t like Paul. Medved writes columns about why God would favor Republicans. And in this speech at a Philadelphia-area synagogue I went to, he urged American Jews to visit the country to which his brother emigrated and to promote Israel in the U.S. And he blamed the Oslo massacre last summer on Muslim extremists. The voice of moderation!

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