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Repulsive cartoon with Christian Zionist overtones has the president pointing at the wrong wall (says my tipster, Mark Wauck). Notice all the Muslim stuff. From Daletoons.

Obama graphic
Obama graphic
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  1. seafoid
    January 30, 2012, 9:57 am

    Fundi American Christianity has nothing in common with Palestinian Christianity.
    Guess which one has been formed by politics.

  2. Exiled At Home
    January 30, 2012, 10:14 am

    This is actually pretty sickening.

    In the picture: Mr. Obama is pointing at the Western ‘Wailing’ Wall in Jerusalem, a site of prominent significance in Judaism, and calling for its dismantlement.
    The suggestion: Obama is an enemy of Judaism.
    In reality: Israel’s apartheid wall that stretches the length of the West Bank, of no religious relevance whatsoever, is the actual wall of contention in Palestine. And, Mr. Obama has no intention of opposing its continued existence or expansion onto sovereign Palestinian lands.

    In the picture: A crow, perched on the President’s podium, over the bloody corpse of a white dove.
    The suggestion: Obama’s policies have killed the possibility of peace, and are precipitating a looming war.
    In reality: Israel’s warmongering aggression toward Iran is threatening the stability of the entire region. It is the bellicose rhetoric of Israel’s government and its ‘politics of fear’ governance that is threatening any possibility of peace. If war comes, it will be by Israel’s hands alone.

  3. FreddyV
    January 30, 2012, 10:26 am

    Notice the reference to Psalm 17?

    8Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

    9From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about.

    So Obama is Israel’s enemy.

    Every US President has been the Antichrist or an enemy of Israel in their crazy little schizophrenic heads. Even Ronnie Ray Gun, who was the biggest Christian Zionist of them all.

    Loonies. Lock ’em up.

    • MHughes976
      January 30, 2012, 12:19 pm

      According to Wilhelm Bousset’s ‘The Antichrist Legend’, a monument to Victorian scholarship still readily available, the Antichrist will be born in Chorazin (where’s that birth certificate??) and will be of the tribe of Dan, which was reckoned to have apostasised and probably migrated. Maybe to Kenya?

    • mudder
      January 30, 2012, 7:33 pm

      Some end timers have connected the wings of Psalm 17:8-9 to Revelation 12:13-14

      And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.” NASV

      In There’s A New World Coming (1975), Hal Lindsey writes on page 165

      Some kind of massive airlift will rapidly transport these fleeing Jews across the rugged terrain to their place of protection. Since the eagle is the national symbol of the United States, it’s possible that the airlift will be made available by aircraft from the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean.

      Yep, that is what we’re up against. Lock ’em up? It’s more likely that they will lock us up first.

  4. seafoid
    January 30, 2012, 11:14 am

    The Wailing Wall is significant because that is where Jesus is expected to touch down in the Rapture. Obama has a green tie symbolising Islam. “Making one world safe for Sharia”. The clash of civilisations.

    • Exiled At Home
      January 30, 2012, 12:05 pm

      That’s not only a green tie symbolizing Islam, but actually a Hamas tie. The Hamas symbol is the Dome of the Rock, with crossed swords in the foreground, encircled by two prominently green banners with the flag of Palestine. At the top, where the banners meet is an image of the official borders of Israel, plus West Bank and Gaza with the inscription “Palestine.”

    • MHughes976
      January 30, 2012, 12:44 pm

      Since the elect (I hope to be one of them, you know) will rise to meet him in the air – a charming picture until the fanatics ruined it – will Jesus need actually to touch down at this point?
      It would be amusing if the western wall is eventually proved to be an Islamic religious structure.

      • richb
        January 30, 2012, 1:21 pm

        Note his name: B. Hussein Obama. As for the Western Wall that won’t work. The Second Coming is supposed to occur at the Eastern Gate. The resurrection will occur at the cemetery by the Mount of Olives nearby. My understanding of Judaism is they generally agree with this and the Messiah would come at the Eastern Gate. (Of course they disagree as to who the Messiah is and they contend he hasn’t arrived yet.) Suleiman tried to block the coming of the Messiah by blocking the Golden Gate.

      • Charon
        January 30, 2012, 2:10 pm

        If it was an Islamic religious structure, they likely took it over to keep Jewish people from praying at it (via the Isra and Mi’raj). I don’t mean any offense to anybody who is Jewish or a Muslim. I’ve done my homework here and there was a specific point in the 16th century where a mistake was made in a pilgrim’s journal. This mistake was embraced by the Zionist movement and also by the British occupiers.

        There were a couple walls which Jewish people prayed at over the years. They were praying at the Western Wall when Zionist began to colonize Palestine. This is when again the Ottomans tried to say it was not a Jewish religious structure. It was merely symbolic because the scripture apparently said the temple would not be completely destroyed and one wall would be left standing. Ottomans did a lot of restoration work to the wall too. Palestinians, probably because of the occupation, have been repeating that it is an Islamic religious structure due to the Isra and Mi’raj.

        Historically, the wall belonged to the Roman’s Antonia Fortress and what is called the Temple Mount was where the Praetorium was located. A good read regarding this is Ernest L. Martin’s “The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot.”

        There is no harm in praying at the wall and believing whatever you want about it, but it is also important to tell the truth even when it hurts. There is potential harm regarding the Temple Mount because extremists want to destroy the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the latter should also concern Christians since some of the ruins of the Church of Our Lady were incorporated into it. The Vatican is primarily the interested party over this site because they believe Jesus was judged on the foundation stone.

      • MHughes976
        January 30, 2012, 6:59 pm

        Maybe E. Martin’s theories do deserve more attention but surely the Antonia was according to Josephus the refurbished form of an older tower whose main purpose was as a store room for Temple vestments, so would not have been particularly big?
        Surely the ‘Valerius Gratus’ coin discovery showing the wall not constructed or not fully constructed as late as 16 CE goes against the Antonia theory as much as against the Herodian Temple theory? The Antonia was functional long before that and Herod’s plan for the Temple was completed by around 12 BCE.
        The remote possibility that I thought grimly amusing, in the face of the horrible propaganda contained in this cartoon, would be the discovery that the wall was built by Muslims in the first place, rather than taken over by them. I fully accept that there’s no reason to assign such a late date, but there is reason to think that it was not built or planned by Herod as part of the Temple or of its enclosure.

  5. seethelight
    January 30, 2012, 12:03 pm

    Substitute the Apartheid Wall for the Wailing Wall in the poster (and get rid of the birds) , and that’s exactly what I’d want Obama to say.

  6. Les
    January 30, 2012, 12:26 pm

    Keep in mind that the leadership of the Christian Zionists has to be paid. That adds up to big bucks for a handful of white men.

  7. iamuglow
    January 30, 2012, 1:49 pm

    Jeez. A whole lotta crazy imagery over at Daletoons. What a waste of art.

    • Bumblebye
      January 30, 2012, 2:43 pm

      I’m sure after a brief peek that ‘Dale’ must have a huge following among KKK/Aryan Brotherhood types. Deeply, profoundly racist. Repulsive and nauseating. Why no comment yet on the (brutal) Black crow feasting on the body of the (beautiful) White dove? Layer upon layer of hatred going on. The ‘artist’ is at most a pseudo-Christian.

  8. joer
    January 30, 2012, 5:53 pm

    I actually suspect that this poster is purposely creating confusion about which wall Palestinians want to come down. It’s not the ancient remnant of the Temple, which Arabs let stand for thousands of years in their midst-The wall that is causing all the controversy is, as we all know here, is the monstrosity that slices through undisputed Palestinian land. But that doesn’t really matter: The people who this ad is directed to will think that Arabs want to tear down the Western Wall-no matter how much they are corrected.

  9. yourstruly
    January 30, 2012, 8:01 pm

    christian evangalist israel-firsters
    because when the truth gets out
    palestine for the palestinians
    plus however many jews willing to stay
    with no second coming
    no space ship for that flyaway to the pie in the sky
    no earthly conflagration below
    people gonna look at you and say
    what was that all about
    you fuckin idiots
    more than jewish israel firsters
    your fault
    christian evangelical israel firsters
    cause you latched onto a foul enterprise
    should have known better
    shame on you

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