‘Corporate Watch’ publishes guide on targeting Israeli apartheid

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Corporation Watch’s newest publication.

Corporate Watch has published a BDS handbook for activists, Targeting Israeli Apartheid,  breaking down successful BDS campaigns and profiling occupation profiteers. The 368-page guide focuses, in three sections, on the Israeli economy, case studies of specific companies profiting off of the occupation, and British corporate complicity in Israeli militarism. Each section includes a “What’s next,” sub-heading, which provides boycotters with practical directional advice.

This booklet details all of the information groups will need in targeting companies that profit off of the occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land. Charting corporate contracts that further different aspects of the occupation (transport, academia, roads, housing construction, etc…), Corporate Watch’s thorough publication moves BDS from a discourse of morality and preferences—is it moral to single out Israel?—to numbers and facts. The introduction states:

When campaigning, many of us encounter anti-Semitic claims that the reason the occupation and colonisation of Palestine has gone on for so long is because Jews control the world, that there is a Jewish conspiracy. This book busts that racist myth. There is no conspiracy; capitalism has no ethnicity. The primary reason the occupation and colonisation of Palestine has gone on for so long, with little intervention by states to stop it, is because it is an international phenomenon rooted in material power interests and benefits for capital and state authority. This oppression is lucrative.

As the guide demonstrates, the culprit is not pathological “anti-Israel” racism, rather an economic system that tilts in favor of exploitation. This system is comprised of specific companies that can be found in the book, on charts and list citing violations of international law. It’s all very simple, actually, and the booklet makes it digestible. 

Working on BDS? The booklet can be downloaded here.

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