Jesse Lieberfeld is a, a fake, b, about to be swallowed by a whale, c, the Jewish future

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Jonah in the whale from this site
Jonah image from this site

Yesterday we posted on Pittsburgh 11th-grader Jesse Lieberfeld’s MLK Day essay likening Israel to the segregated south and his determination to oppose Israelism within the Jewish community. The piece was a winner in Carnegie Mellon’s essay contest and was republished by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, praise the lord. Well, Elder of Ziyon is as het up about the piece as I am thrilled. The 170-odd comments on his post on Lieberfeld reflect the deep anxiety among Zionists over young American Jews’ defection from Israel.

With apologies to commenters for not using their handles, here are some of the choice responses to Lieberfeld at Elder’s site.

Elder, the answer isn’t to post this here, he will never see it.  I would suggest writing a response to the newspaper itself.  Looks like the kid knew he was in for a lot of condemnation, he made his social networking accounts private or deleted them entirely very recently because I was able to access a limited cached version of his Facebook account….

By the way, he goes to a better than thou iron gates private school, argueably the most prestigious in Pittsburgh. …

agreed. I have already sent a letter to the paper.

….This essay contest was actually sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University, if you click through all the links. The last link, which has a contact person, is here….

I’d love to hear the rabbi’s side of the story.  High school juniors don’t make up deluded radical political views off the top of their heads.  Somebody’s been feeding him anti-Israel, anti-Semitic propaganda, and my guess is that anybody who’s discussed this stuff with him–his rabbi, for instance–knows exactly who the culprit is…

The whole thing could be fake.  “Jesse” could be a committee of writers…

Why bother Elder.  This is just a Progressive Jew spouting the hatred taught in the Progressive Synagogues and schools.  His parents will be very proud of this self-hatred…

This is one kid, out of a million who have the opposite view.  His essay is meaningless, because he himself admits that he does not comprehend the conflict.  He certainly does not comprehend Arab culture, or Islam.  And the article could be fake….

I find it interesting that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette times constitutional tribune would choose an essay on Israel, Jews, and zionism for a reflection on………..Martin Luther King Day.  What the hell does one have to do with the other?  MLK was a freakin zionist….

The probability is very poor that you will reach him since only 41% of Jews in the US believe without a doubt that there is a God. Unless a fish finds him, chews on him and spits him out; the next opportunity to reach such a person is when they are at least 30 years of age….

Just wondering…. Subsitute Jewish with say Muslim, or American. Would they have printed on a kid from any other nationality rejecting his origins because of perceived misdeeds?…

Jewess: I’m having a very difficult time with the logic and sincerity in this letter.  It is really hard to imagine that an obviously intelligent and articulate  young writer form a Jewish home (where every holiday and tradition was forced on him) is unable to learn about Israel from his rabbi, his  parents, or on his own.  How could he fail to find the facts about Jewish history, Zionism and the modern state that is so richly available online or in a public library? How could he publicly divorce himself from his people in an essay that on one hand, begs for answers to his questions, but on the other, condemns Israel for murder without the missing information? J’accuse!…

I think its a fake … It sounds like what a non Jew imagines its like growing up in a Jewish house. But some of it rings very hollow.”the perfect society of Israel.”…

I did a Google search for “Jesse Lieberfeld” and I’ve rarely seen this many entries return … there are pages and pages and pages of sites carrying this story. This was a very damaging story on many levels and will be used over and over to vilify Israel and Jews.

I only found two entries that had nothing to do with this current story.

In 2008 as a seventh grader, he wrote a piece reviewing an art show that the Gazette published when he went to the Kentucky Avenue School, and a picture of a sign he took when he was in Dublin this summer. Its sounding more and more like a child of wealth who has little connection with Jews and Israel other then being born Jewish and given a Jewish sounding name and has used his “Jewishness” as a badge of legitimacy to bash – and bash he’s done

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