Security expert formerly in Bush I administration says Holocaust rationalizes Israel’s nuking Iran

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Bennett Ramberg, formerly of GHW Bush’s State Department, now a purported expert on international relations, offers this unsettling prediction/threat in the New York Times’s Jan. 25th print edition:

If Jerusalem really believes that a nuclear-armed Tehran poses an existential threat –– and cannot be contained by a conventional military attack, sanctions, deterrence or regime change — there remains one option to end the threat that people fear to talk about: Israel’s use of nuclear weapons.

Far-fetched? For an Israel that grew out of the Holocaust and beat back adversaries seeking its destruction without the bomb, the unthinkable option becomes more plausible when a nuclear-arming Iran repeatedly calls for the Jewish state’s extinction.

Notice how Ramberg deftly recognizes Israel’s capital as Jerusalem, and also, repeats the propagandistic claim that Iran has called for the Jewish state’s “extinction.” Did the South African state go “extinct” when it held free and fair elections? In Ramberg’s worldview, Israel is justified in pre-emptively inflicting a nuclear holocaust on Iran because Iran’s President said… what exactly? Someone, stop this psychotic thinking, now!

(P.S. – For some reason, the NYT’s web letters page is running a few days behind the print version, so no direct link as of now to the letter, I transcribed it from the print.)

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