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Susan Rice
Susan Rice

We don’t make this up. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. Susan Rice is ambassador to the U.N. but she has her sights on Secretary of State, and so she has made friends in the American Jewish community. Laura Rozen has the incisive report at Yahoo: “UN envoy Susan Rice addresses interest groups, in move some see advancing Secretary of State bid.”

An unfortunate headline. There’s really just one interest group here. And I guess that group is essential to any American diplomatic career. Ask Dennis Ross. Rozen:

Take, for example, Rice’s key role in the Obama administration’s high profile diplomatic lobbying against the Palestinian UN statehood recognition bid, in the run up and aftermath to Obama’s speech at the UN last September vowing to wield the United States’ UN Security Council veto if needed to block the measure. The Palestinian UN bid was and is fiercely opposed by Israel; the Obama administration’s position that Palestinian statehood can only be achieved through Israeli-Palestinian negotiations was a relief to Jerusalem as well as to several American pro-Israel groups.

Unsurprisingly, then, the reception was particularly warm when Rice addressed the American Jewish Committee National Board of Governors meeting in New York Monday afternoon–though it was in fact Rice’s third address to the group the past three years.

Let me begin by saying that from the United States’ point of view, the achievement of an independent Palestinian state can only come through direct negotiations and a negotiated two-state solution,” Rice said in a conversation with AJC President David Harris before the group….

Her AJC appearance Monday came on the heels of Rice being awarded the National Service Award from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations last month. (“Let me say a few words about our extraordinary partnership with Israel, starting by affirming an essential truth that will never change: the United States remains fully and firmly committed to the peace and security of the Jewish state of Israel,” Rice said upon receiving the Conference award.)

Veteran foreign policy observers say Rice, in her expanded outreach to domestic special interest groups, is demonstrating the sharp political skills that have proved essential for past successful Secretaries of State, from Madeleine Albright to Hillary Clinton.

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