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February 2012

Oakland carries Khader Adnan to Occupy San Quentin

Allison Deger on

On Monday, 700 with Occupy Oakland demonstrated in front of San Quentin State Prison, where Palestinian and Arab activists directed attention to hunger striker Khader Adnan.

Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous

Medea Benjamin on

Occupy AIPAC is taking place this upcoming weekend in Washington DC. Medea Benjamin explains how AIPAC’s clout helps fuel a never-ending cycle of violence in the Middle East.

ADL enlists city of Oakland to block Atzmon event

Henry Norr on

On Feb. 21, the San Francisco branch of the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement condemning the event, accusing Atzmon of “demonizing Israel, Zionism and Jewish culture and identity.” While the the ADL claimed it did “not question Atzmon’s right to speak,” it challenged city officials to “react as forcefully” to his visit as they would “if a virulently racist speaker were coming to town.”

Crawfish, gumbo, and the truth

Nima Shirazi on

A sign hanging on a restaurant near New Orleans’s French Quarter presents the facts on Israel, Iran and the IAEA.

Free Fadi Quran

Kate on

After Israeli forces pepper sprayed and abducted US citizen and non-violent activist Fadi Quran on Friday, a group of students at Quran’s alma mater Stanford University have spearheaded a campaign for his release.

‘Kissinger believes Israelis are in panic and will attack Iran’ (2010)

Philip Weiss on

Kissinger More on those rational Israelis. Wikileaks is leaking internal memos from the global strategy/intelligence group Stratfor, led by George Friedman. Friedman relates this insight from a February 2010 meeting that apparently included Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker: Insight–for internal use only–On pain of agony Some nuggets from meeting: Kissinger believes that the Israelis are […]