Israeli apartheid is never fit to print in the ‘Times’, only in ‘Haaretz’

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Ariel University Center
Ariel University Center (Photo: Wikipedia)

‘NYT’ Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner’s reassignment is unlikely to change the fundamental bias of the Paper of Record. When has the Times ever filed a serious report on Israeli apartheid policies, and will it ever? Meanwhile, Haaretz today runs an editorial page broadside against the colony/settlement Ariel’s University expansion plans that you will never see from the editors or reporters of the Paper of Record:

[The Israeli government] doesn’t miss an opportunity to sear the consciousness of Palestinians and Israelis alike with the idea that a diplomatic agreement on a two-state solution is no longer on the table…. 

Ariel is not just another “location.” It is situated in occupied territory that is a focus of controversy both within Israeli society and in the international community. The State of Israel has barred Palestinians from most of the territory of the West Bank. They are permitted to build Ariel’s houses, but not to live there. Ariel, like all the other settlements, is a closed military zone as far as they are concerned.

The editorial’s basic message: 1) yes, Virginia, there is an “occupation” (the NYT frequently elides that word from its coverage, 2) Israel’s policy of separation (Apartheid) in the West Bank is untenable, 3) Israel is willfully destroying, or has already destroyed, any viable possibility of a Palestinian state.

Until the NYT gets serious about reporting/critiquing these three and similar realities, a changing of the guard in its staff will matter not.

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