Sullivan says passionate American supporters of Israel create a ‘problem,’ conflating interests

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A reader asked Andrew Sullivan why he decided to weigh into the Israel firster debate.

He says that some American supporters of Israel are so passionate and defensive that it’s a “problem” of conflating interests. 

“There comes a point at which that passion leads to a view where there can never be any distinction between American interests and Israeli interests.” When in fact there are thousands of miles between the U.S. and Israel. Israel is a liability, an albatross, Sullivan says.

“Israeli government is clearly orchestrating and is in close contact with a whole bunch of people, range of people inside the U.S. to make their case…” Sullivan wants to cut out the Israel firster language but he addresses the crucial question here: When Sheldon Adelson says that it was unfortunate that he wore an American uniform and not an Israeli uniform, then we are seeing an attachment to Israel on the part of an American political player that is obscuring American interests. (Hard to see why, given his understanding, Israel firster is not legitimate political rhetoric.)

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