And you thought they just followed the Dow! WSJ publishes bible story to justify occupation

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Even at its worst back in the day, the Wall Street Journal editorial page didn’t go in for Christian evangelical malarkey. Can you believe they’re running this kind of religious talk as a basis for foreign policy? From a man who calls himself a strategy and policy analyst, no less? My lord, but some American Jews are religious crazies, and they ought to keep this stuff in religious spaces– for the good of the rest of us. 

A review of Peter Beinart’s book by Daniel Freedman:

Israel isn’t just an ordinary state; it’s the continuation of a story beginning in history’s most famous book, the Bible. And one of Judaism’s greatest legacies is the belief that tomorrow can be better—even as existential threats and true crises loom.

Mr. Freedman, the director of strategy and policy analysis at The Soufan Group, a strategic-intelligence consultancy, is the co-author of “The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al Qaeda.”

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