Gas prices have shot up 13% since AIPAC’s victory in Senate

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Last fall, the Israel lobby group AIPAC led the charge for stiffer sanctions against Iran.

The Obama administration, including Treasury Sec’y Timothy Geithner, said the legislation would send gas prices higher. As Reuters said, “The Obama administration’s chief concerns appear to be that the amendment could be a blunt instrument that might send oil prices higher…”

Obama sent two high officials to the Hill to testify against the legislation. On December 1:

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, who also appeared at the hearing, said the administration’s analysis concludes that “there is absolutely a risk that in fact the price of oil would go up..”

But the Obama opposition to the Israel lobby-sponsored legislation didn’t matter.

AIPAC has bragged that it could get 75 Senatorial signatures on a napkin if it wanted to, and it did even better than that: The Senate passed the sanctions amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, by 100-0.

And AIPAC celebrated the amendment, with tweets and victory parties

Average gas price, December 1: $3.30.

Today: $3.71.

Is AIPAC tweeting about that?  

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