Global March to Jerusalem website blocked in Israel; decoy site directs to hasbara video

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Yesterday, a Mondoweiss reader in Haifa sent us the following note:

I just wanted to inform you that all day today, I have not been able to access the official website to the Global March to Jerusalem: The link would not connect using either google Chrome or explorer. I was able to access the NA site and google also offered a cashed site supposedly from earlier in the day (but very poor).

Also, in googling “Global March to Jerusalem” the first site listed is a news item from “Israel News Agency” with the headline “Iran Sponsored Global March to Jerusalem Launches Website

When you click on the link given on that page for the march’s website — you are directed to a you tube hasbara video denying Israel as an apartheid state:

The fake website appears to be the work of Joel Leyden, who runs the “Israel News Agency” which “reported” on the website. Leyden has pulled similar stunts before, including these fake sites he set up during the second Freedom Flotilla.

(h/t Benjamin Doherty for background on Leyden)

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